Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ilocos Norte: The Legendary Paoay Lake

It was our fourth and last day in Ilocos Norte and after a Visita Iglesia to the stunningly beautiful Paoay Church, our chartered tricycle took us to our next destination: Paoay Lake. The legendary lake is a little over 7 kilometers away from the church and we got there in about 15 minutes. Situated along a paved road which goes straight to Laoag City, Paoay Lake has a total area 387 hectares and is one of the most popular attractions of the Province of Ilocos Norte.

Locally called dakkel danum, Paoay Lake has an enchanting history which has been passed from generation to generation making it legendary. According to the tale, the lake was once a prosperous village of humble and religious settlers. As the people of this village continues to prosper, they became more selfish and materialistic. This transformation angered their gods thus the place was submerged and turned into a body of water. The people were turned into fishes with their fancied jewelries and adornments still attached to them.

Another story suggests that Paoay Lake came into being after a large geological displacement struck Ilocos in January 1641. A strong earthquake preceded by thunder and lightning swallowed down the place leaving behind a large body of water.

The third and more scientific explanation theorizes that the lake was formed geologically as a result of the formation of the earth's crust during the Miocene Epoch two million years ago. (Source)

A wooden viewing is built beside the lake for the convenience tourists who wants to enjoy the view. Paoay Lake is adjacent to Paoay Golf Course and is overlooked by the magnificent MalacaƱang of the North.

How to Get There

1. From Laoag City, take a jeepney bound for Paoay. In Paoay town proper, ride a tricycle to Paoay Lake.

2. In our case, we chartered a tricycle for P550.00 from Laoag City. From Laoag, we visited Marcos Mausoleum in Batac, Paoay Churh, Paoay Lake, MalacaƱang of the North then back to Laoag City. The same tricycle took us to Laoag International Airport for our flight later that afternoon.The tricycle can fit 2-3 persons. 


  1. Naalala ko rin yung story na may secret tunnel daw na pinagawa dyan nung Marcos regime :P Takot lang ako magtanong sa museum staff kung totoo :))

  2. I-suggest ko to kapag may trip kami sa Ilocos. Thanks!

  3. Paoay Lake looks so beautiful, whatever its origin may be.

  4. Hi it is look more virgin ..I love that's kind a Beach,
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    Bali Tour

  5. I 've brought my family there and it's really wonderful.

  6. Pupunta ako jan promise.push ko pumunta jn.

  7. Urban legend has it that Paoay Lake is man made. It was a gift from the late Marcos to his son Bongbong (to give in to his whims). I don't believe it of course.

    1. That's one interesting tale Leonarlyn. During their time, they could do anything they want with their power and wealth.

    2. The paoay lake is not man made it was a village before called San Juan de Sahagon or Sajagon. According to Science the lake was formed because of 2 major earthquakes from mindanao that made the entire village sank, that made the place a sink hole. The depth of the lake is still unknown till the present time.

  8. Your blog should win the best Blog Design Award, as for the photos, what camera did you use? They have such clarity!


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