Monday, February 17, 2014

Cheap Accommodation in Davao City: Alta Pension House

After our day tour in Isla Reta Beach Resort, we returned to Davao City and checked in at Alta Pension House. A cheap accommodation right in the heart of Davao, Alta Pension House is conveniently located along JP Laurel Avenue, right across Gaisano Mall. Since we already stayed in this pension house before, I already knew that it offers what I always look for in places to stay: affordable room rates, accessible to public transportation, clean and safe. 

I can do away with luxurious amenities of the more expensive hotels since I have no intention of staying in the room the whole day whenever I visit a certain place. All I need is a decent place to sleep and keep safe our belongings while we're out wandering.

Room rates at Alta Pension House ranged from Php680.00 (single bed) to Php2,100.00 (large room good for 9 persons). I was with my wife and we chose their Matrimonial Room with a regular rate of  Php 850.00. However, I was able to save a little off this rate since they have an on-going promo for those booking in their website. With this promo, I was able to booked the room for only Php680.00 plus merchant's fee of Php68.00 or a total of Php748.00. That's 102 pesos off the regular rate. 

As expected in budget accommodations, the airconditioned room we got offered basic amenities. It has a double bed, cable TV and a fairly spacious toilet and bathroom. The room was clean and the airconditioning worked just fine. 

However, the room has only one extra power outlet for charging our cellphones. Worst, that outlet is situated high up in the wall of the bathroom. With this setup, the only way to charge is to stand inside the bathroom and hold my cellphone in my hand until it is fully charged. Really ridiculous! So what I did was unplugged the TV from its power outlet and in that outlet was where I charged my cellphone (meaning, we can't watch TV while charging the cellphone). 

Reception area and parking area seen from our room. You can buy 3-in-1 coffee (for only 10 pesos) from the receptionist and drink it at the adjacent wooden benches while reading the free local and national newspapers.

Gaisano Mall, right across Alta Pension House

Despite that inconvenience, we did have a comfortable stay in Alta Pension House. Aside from its affordable and comfortable rooms it is also very accessible to public transportation since jeepneys and taxis regularly pass along JP Laurel Avenue. And since the pension house is right across Gaisano Mall, dining and shopping are only a few minutes of walk away.

Location map of Alta Pension House (image from Google Maps)

Alta Pension House
Amparo Building, JP Laurel Avenue
Davao City
Telephone Number: (082) 2211843
For room rates and online booking, visit their website:

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