Friday, February 14, 2014

Talicud Island, Davao: A Day Tour in Isla Reta

We arrived at the Port of Sta. Ana a little before 8 AM and found out that the first passenger boat going to Talicud Island is scheduled to leave at 10. We have no choice but to wait inside the motorized banca which has a capacity of 94 passengers. We tried to get some sleep but couldn't get any as the other boat docked nearby is blasting out Freddie Aguilar songs from its cheap sound system. 

We're heading out to Isla Reta Beach Resort for a day tour. Isla Reta is located in Talicud Island, an island part of Samal, Davao del Norte. The island is named so since it is located in the back side ("likod") of Samal. Though overnight accommodations are available in the resort, we opted to just go for a day tour because we still have to attend my departed uncle's wake later that afternoon.

Since it was a Saturday, the boat was filled with passengers in no time. Most are picnickers also going to Isla Reta while some are local residents of the island. We left Sta. Ana Port before the scheduled 10 AM departure time.

It was a calm boat ride and in about one hour, we docked at the private port of Isla Reta. The moment we disembarked from the boat and stepped on the beach, I was instantly awed by the greenish blue water and fine white sands of the resort. Isla Reta definitely has one of finest white sands in all beaches I've ever been to. This is probably one of the reasons why it is Trip Advisor-recommended resort.

Talisay trees shade the clean and well-maintained beach front where wooden tables and benches are placed. We found one unoccupied spot so there we settled our belongings. I went to the restaurant to pay the entrance fee (75 pesos per person for day tour) and order lunch.

While Malou is resting on the bench, I went around to take photos of the beach. As I observed, the turquoise water is so calm making the beach very safe for swimming. After I'm done taking photos, we went swimming while waiting for our lunch to be served.

It took more than 30 minutes before our food was served. We ordered fish kinilaw (P180.00), grilled pork (P180.00), three cups of rice and 2 Coke. The food, especially the kinilaw, absolutely taste so good that we could not help but order extra rice.  

After eating, Malou and I decided to explore the rocky end of the resort. A concrete pavement was built on the rocks and though it provides a better access for the guests to pass through, it destroyed the resort's natural environment.

We found out that there is a patch of sands near the resort's boundary. It is an ideal spot to swim when the main beach gets crowded. So after more picture taking, we went swimming to our hearts' content.

A little past 2 PM, we showered and changed clothes. The motorized banca arrived later and quickly got filled up with passengers from the resort. The boat left for Davao City at around 3 PM. Oblivious to the boat's swaying to the gentle waves, I managed to get a few minutes of sleep before we arrived in the Port of Sta. Ana.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day tour in Isla Reta. DavaoeƱos are so fortunate that a fine white sand paradise lies only one hour away from the city. So whenever you're in Davao and is looking for a quick beach escapade, I highly recommend a day tour or even an overnight stay in Isla Reta Beach Resort. 

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  1. Been there twice but still I want to go back to Isla Reta Beach Resort. I just love the water, I don't care if it's quite far from Davao City.


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