Sunday, March 23, 2014

Manila: Wandering at Intramuros Pasyal Sunday

I am currently in Manila for a 3-week-long work-related seminar. Upon our arrival on a Sunday noon, we immediately checked in at our company's dorm in Cabildo Street, Intramuros. Our dorm's location is at the center of the walled city, known as the center of government power during the Spanish Colonization Period.

In the afternoon, we went to the nearby San Agustin Cathedral along General Luna Street. We chanced upon celebrity walking tour guide Carlos Celdran doing his exciting narratives of Philippine history outside the church.

Later on, I got the chance to have a pic with him:

There was also wedding held at San Agustin Cathedral during that afternoon:

I was able to go inside San Agustin Cathedral for the first time and was very impressed by its grandeur:

I found out that it was an Intramuros Pasyal Sunday, a flagship project of Viva Manila. The stretch from San Agustin Cathedral up to Plazuela De Sta. Isabel was closed to vehicles and was occupied by local artisans, street performers and small business owners. According to Viva Manila, "the aim of Intramuros Pasyal Sundays is to increase the livability and creativity of neighborhood in Manila by promoting local art, culture and businesses and advocating for better and inclusive public spaces and green amenities."

We continued our wandering and these are some of the photos I took of Intramuros Pasyal Sunday with my cheap Cherry Mobile Flare:

The next Intramuros Pasyal Sundays will happen on April 27 and May 25. Do check it out to discover and support small start-up businesses, local artists, culture and heritage.

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