Monday, March 10, 2014

Food Trip: A Review of Chicken Charlie Davao

It was our last day in Davao City and after checking out of Alta Pension House, Malou and I decided to have lunch first before proceeding to the Ecoland Bus Terminal. Since the pension house is fronting Gaisano Mall, we just crossed JP Laurel Avenue en route to the mall. We planned to eat at Chicken Charlie but we have a hard time locating it so we asked one of the guards on duty. He told us that it is located at The Peak in the fourth floor, so we headed there following his directions.The Peak is a multi-level open air park perched on the rooftop of Gaisano Mall which offers a panoramic view of the cityscape. Chicken Charlie is located at the first level, near the fountain and beside Ineng's Special BBQ.

Chicken Charlie is not a homegrown Davao restaurant. It originates from Manila and claimed to be the first brand of double-fried chicken in the country. It currently has 18 branches nationwide. Double frying is a new take in preparing the classic fried chicken. The chicken is first fried in vegetable oil to drain the fat. Then it is fried again to make the skin very crispy without losing its juiciness. Finally it is glazed with soy garlic sauce or hot sweet sauce for flavoring. The first time I tried this kind of fried chicken was in Bonchon Cebu.

Chicken Charlie Davao is a spacious restaurant and its interior combines neutral and vibrant colors. After placing our orders, we were told that it will be served in 15 minutes. There are some glossy magazines in one corner so we read while waiting for our order. However, we did not wait too long since the food was served in less than 15 minutes.

We ordered Value Meal B (2-piece drums + rice + drinks; P138.00) in soy garlic sauce, Value Meal C (3-piece wings + rice + drinks; P115.00) in hot sweet sauce, Charlie's Greens (P135.00) and Fries (P39.00)

Malou and I both love Chicken Charlie's double-fried chicken. The skin has the right crunch while the meat remains tender, juicy and flavorful. The lettuce on Charlie's Greens are also very fresh making it a perfect side dish to the main course. After our satisfying meal, I could say that Chicken Charlie definitely delivered in terms of freshness, flavor and value for money.

The Peak, 4th Floor Gaisanon Mall Davao
JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

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  1. I like Chicken Charlie's cheesestick dynamites :D Try it next time!


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