Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solo Backpacking in Banaue: The Hike to Batad

Saddle Point is the known jump off point to Batad Village, home of the world-famous Amphitheater Rice Terraces. It is about 16 kilometers from Banaue town proper, passing through a rough and dusty road with mostly rolling terrain. At Saddle Point there are a few stores selling light snacks, beverages and souvenir items. As Batad is presently only accessible by foot, vehicles waiting for tourists going back to Banaue are also parked here.

After renting a walking stick (P10.00), I and my guide Vicente immediately started our hike by descending on a concrete shortcut situated at the back of the store. The stairs has 242 steps and offers a fantastic view of the distant mountains. The main trail in going down from Saddle Point is undergoing a major repaid and since it is also a bit farther, taking the steep shortcut is the preferred option for those who want to save time on their hike.

After the concrete steps, it was all downhill in going to Batad Village. Since I am used to walking and running, the hike was fairly an easy one for me.  We passed by fellow hikers along the way.

After about 30 minutes of walking, we finally reached Batad Village. I registered at their Tourist Center booth and paid a fee of P50.00. Adjacent to the booth is the viewing deck. And there, I finally came face to face with Batad Rice Terraces for the very first time.

I find it hard to believe that I am finally here. The iconic “hagdan-hagdang palayan” I used to read only in history books, magazines and travel blogs is right before my eyes. Despite the heat of the sun, I stood there for quite a while, totally awed and mesmerized by the grandeur of the sight that lay before me.

We then descended towards Hillside Inn and took a brief rest at their restaurant.  I pre-ordered our lunch then Vicente and I plotted our next move: hiking along Batad Rice Terraces en route to the majestic Tappiyah Falls.

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  1. wow.. what a beautiful place. i hope i can take a picture of banaue rice terraces.. its so amazing

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  2. wonderful trek! had a great time there too... and i wanna go back.

  3. What month did you visit Batad? We wish to visit this November hopefully it was greener and lush.

  4. Wow, what a great backpacker I want to go there with my friends and enjoy the hiking moment :)I've seen nice photos and perfect nature. I'm glad to visit your site and I will share this post to all my backpacker friends who'd love to travel there soon.

  5. How difficult is trekking by yourself without a guide? I trek US trails all the time solo with just a compass and map. Thanks!

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  8. Great experience and great sharing! Thank you! I love camping & hiking and I cant help feeling good about your post, cheers!


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