Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tourist Attractions in Sumilao, Bukidnon

Sumilao is one of the 20 municipalities of the Province of Bukidnon.  It is a fourth class municipality located about 62 kilometers south of Cagayan de Oro City and 29 kilometers north of the province’s capital Malaybalay City

Being nestled in a highland province, Sumilao is home to eco-adventure activities just waiting to be explored. Blessed with verdant rolling hills, deep canyons, roadside waterfalls and an extensive cave, Sumilao could be the next adventure destination for those who find pleasures in the great outdoors.

Listed below are some of the tourist attractions you may consider exploring once you visit this town.

1. Alalum Falls- The most popular tourist attraction of Sumilao due to its accessibility. Alalum Falls is located along  Brngy. Kisolon highway and is only about a kilometer away from the municipal hall.  Its drop of approximately 148 feet cascades from the river which also serves as the boundary of Sumilao and Impasugong.  A viewing deck is built on the roadside and those who want to go to the bottom of the falls may descend through the concrete steps. Visit this LINK to read more about Alalum Falls.

2. Palaopao Hills- Stretching from Sumilao to Manolo Fortich with an elevation of 836 feet above sea level, Palaopao Hills is a beginner-friendly climb destination. It has massive rock walls and a cave which was used as burial ground of an ancient civilization. Visit this LINK to read more about Palaopao Hills.

3. Kulaman River and Hanging Bridge- After the grueling hike up and down Palaopao  reward yourself with a cool dip in Kulaman River flowing at the foothills. A  bridge made of steel cable and wood planks hangs over the river and serves as access for local folks in crossing over to Brngy, Kisolon. Visit this LINK to read more about Kulaman River.

4. Sumalsag Cave-  Sumalsag Cave stretched for more than a kilometer with its main entrance situated in Sitio Kilabong, Vista Villa, Sumilao and exits at Sitio Diamante, Dalirig, Manolo Fortich. A haven for extreme spelunkers, Sumalsag houses amazing stalactites and stalagmites, rock formations and an underground river.

Photo from Tupe "Trekero" Diaz

5. Mapaso Hot Spring-Located in Sitio Alas-as, Licoan, Sumilao, the spring can be reached by a two-hire hike on an un-established trail. Due to its difficult trail, only a few people have reached this spot and for now, it remains as  Sumilao’s best kept secret. Visit this LINK to read more about Sumalsag Cave. 

Travel Guide:

How to Get There: Sumilao can be reached in 1.5-2 hours by bus from Cagayan de Oro City. From the Agora Bus Terminal in CDO, all buses going to Bukidnon, Davao and General Santos will pass by Barangay Kisolon in Sumilao.

Where to Stay: Sumilao is only 30 minutes away from Malaybalay City where there are plenty of available accommodations to suit your budget.

Where to Eat and Drink: There are plenty of eateries in Brngy. Kisolon, considered as the town center of Sumilao. For ice cold beer, visit Jim’s Place where acoustic nights and dart tournaments are regularly held.

Upcoming Event: Sumilao will be celebrating the 58th Anlaw ta Sumilao from June 28 to July 1, 2014. Activities include Pag-Ampo, Horse Show, Drum & Bugle Field Demo, Dart Tournament and many more. Pop rock band Cueshe will also perform on June 28, 2014 as part of the celebration (visit this LINK for concert details). For more information, contact Sumilao Municipal Councilor Jim Baula at 09152737218.

(First photo above by Tupe "Trekero" Diaz)


  1. Sumilao is one f my favorite tourist destinations. I have been visited this beautiful state about a month ago after my Boston to NY bus. It is a nice region for history lovers. One place that attracted me there was Sumalsag Cave. It is one of my favorite tourist attractions there. This cave is located in Kilabong, Vista Villa, Sumilao, Bukidnon. Sometimes is wet or filled with water. This cave boasting of huge stalactites, opens to a spacious chamber floored with mud.

  2. Thanks for sharing how to go there! This is going to be my next destination when I get back to CDO after my trip in Hidden Valley Laguna. I only heard of this place through my other friends who have been there and said they knew the place because of your blog. Hope to enjoy this peaceful scenery soon!


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