Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gumasa Beach: Away From The Festival Crowd

As the crowd gathered to celebrate  Mindanao’s biggest beach festival, I slowly inched my way towards the southern end of Gumasa Beach. Sarangani Bay Festival (more popularly known as SarBay Fest) was on full swing in this side of Glan, Sarangani but there’s a yearning in me to see the beach on a different perspective.

So I walked along its fine white sands and headed the opposite way where most people are going. I passed along some of the resorts’ beach front, pausing from time to time to take photos here and there.

The beach ambiance got quieter after I passed the portion where most local folks congregate. I spotted an ice cream vendor far ahead. When our paths crossed I inquire about the products he is selling and as expected, the frozen delights are more expensive than its regular prices. The cheapest I could get is a popsicle worth P20.00, so I bought one to soothe my arid throat.

When I finally reached the Gumasa’s southern end, I was pleased to have found the quaint beach setting I was looking for. I am now far away from the crowd and even the sound coming from the festival’s loud speakers could not be heard anymore.

There were young local girls playing on the sands but in a little while, they all went home as they probably already have their beach fill for the day. Finally, amidst the beach festivities, I found a spot I can have all for myself in this hot summer morning.

I  took respite under the shade of a mangrove tree, and while staring at the long beach and the horizon, I felt blessed to have reached this far and away side of Mindanao.  While I have visited a few places in Luzon and Visayas, I haven’t really explored much of Mindanao except for my home province Bukidnon.  Well, this trip to Sarangani could be a good start for me to discover more hidden gems of the so called Land of Promise.

After taking more snapshots, I felt the call of Sarangani Bay becoming harder to resist. So I placed my backpack on a driftwood lying on the sands and took a dip on the turquoise water.  The tiredness I felt from the long travel I took the day before were all washed away as I blissfully swim to my heart’s content.

How To Get There

Glan, Sarangani is one hour by van from General Santos City. Van terminal is located near KCC Mall. At Glan proper, take a tricyle or habal-habal (single motorcylce) ride to Gumasa Beach which is about 15 minutes away. 


  1. It is really far but seeing the beach on your beautiful pictures, it is really a nice place. You captured the beach very well. :)

    1. Thanks Christine! It's worth the long trip. :)


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