Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunset at Gumasa Beach in Glan, Sarangani

After frolicking in the white sands and turquoise water at the southern end of Gumasa Beach, I walked back towards the Sarangani Bay Festival area. As it was already noon time, there were plenty of people gathered at the beach. I ate my lunch in one of the food stalls away from the beach then walked back to the highway and hailed a motorcycle back to Juanita’s Pension in Glan Poblacion.

I went back to Gumasa Beach at around 5 PM. Since I have to leave Sarangani the next day, I wanted to take photos of the sunset at the beach.  The crowd was getting bigger, probably in anticipation of a rock concert later in the evening.

Just like what I did in the morning, I walked southward again. However, I did not go to the far end of the beach. Instead, I stopped at the beach front of a resort and sat on a cut log lying on the sands. There were only a few people passing by this area so I thought it would be nice spot to shoot the sun setting down in the horizon.

As I was setting up my tripod, I noticed four familiar faces passing by. To my surprise, famous bloggers Avel Manansala (GenSan News Online Mag), Enrico Dee (Byahilo), Gay Mitra-Emami (Pinay Travel Junkie) and Irene Aserios (Mindanaoan and Bukidnon Online) were also at the beach! Being a follower of their blogs, I took the chance to have a photo taken with them.

I then patiently waited for the sunset. As it rained earlier that afternoon, the sky was a bit overcast. There were no fiery colors but it was definitely better that what I’ve seen the previous day.  Sunset has always been my favorite lookout every time I’m on a beach and I am pleased to have witnessed another beautiful one in Sarangani.

As it was already getting dark, I went back to the festival area and hang out at a table by the beach. I ordered pork siomai and washed it down with two bottles of Manila Beer Light. Drinking solo is not really my thing so in a little while, I left and headed back to the pension house.

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