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Travel Guide: Banaue and Batad in One Day

(Update (July 22, 2016): Coda Bus Line is now serving the Manila-Banaue route. You may book your ticket online through this SITE.)

Yes, exploring  Batad and Banaue in one day is possible for travelers with (very) limited time. This guide will give you an idea on how to visit the world famous Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces and the majestic Tappiya Falls all in one day then go back to Manila in the evening. This itinerary is very much doable as this is what I did during my first time visit to Banaue last March.

However, if you have enough time, I highly recommend staying for at least one night in either Batad Village or Banaue town proper to better appreciate the place. But if you have only one day to spare in this highland getaway, then read on and follow this guide.

First off, be aware that Batad is still part of Banaue. It is actually a village (or barangay) which is home to the Batad Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the beautiful Tappiya Falls. From Banaue town proper, you need to take a ride going to Saddle Point, then from the saddle you have to hike down to Batad.

Second, you have to walk a bit faster than the usual tourist pace. Going to Batad Rice Terraces and Tappiya Falls then back to the saddle requires some serious hiking on steep up-and-down terrains so you have to prepare for this challenge. If you’re not that much into active lifestyle, I highly recommend walking or jogging for 30 minutes to 1 hour, 3-4 times a week, at least a month before embarking on this journey.

And third, before the day of your travel, you may contact the following persons who can guide you in Banaue and Batad and inquire about their rates.

Rafael Addug - 09152254571 (Banaue, Batad and other villages guide)
Cesar Doble - 09165284614; 09359072489 (Tricycle drive and tour guide)
Vicente Lug-ao - 09999037000 (Batad guide)
Blair Buctayon - 09261901235 (Driver and tour guide)

Still interested? Then here’s my suggested Itinerary on Exploring Banaue and Batad in One Day:

Friday, 9 PM-Bus ride from Manila to Banaue

As of this is writing, only Ohayami Bus line serves the Manila-Banaue route. Schedule of trips are as follow:

Manila to Banaue
9:00 PM & 10:00 PM (Every Friday only)
10:00 PM (Daily)
Fare: 450.00 pesos

Ohayami Bus Terminal is located at the corner of Lacson Avenue and Fajardo Street in Sampaloc, Manila.

Fridays are peak days and it is advisable to purchase your ticket at least a day before to make sure you have a reserved seat.

Ohayami Bus Terminal in Sampaloc, Manila

Visit their website for more details:

Travel time from Manila to Banaue is about 9 hours with 2 stops in Bulacan and Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. The bus is airconditioned so don’t forget to bring a jacket to protect you from the cold. Since this is a long travel, you may also opt to bring a travel pillow. Get as much sleep as you can so you will have enough energy for the next day’s adventure.

Saturday, 6-7 AM-Arrival in Banaue

Register at the Tourism Office which is only a few steps away from the bus stop. If you have already made a deal with the persons I listed above, expect them to be waiting for you at the bus stop. If not, ask the tourism office in-charge if they can contact a tricycle driver and guide for you.

7-8 AM-Breakfast at People’s Lodge and Restaurant (or any other restaurant town), then buy water and trail food/snacks as these items are 2-3 times more expensive once you’re in Batad.  Before proceeding to Batad, it is also recommended to purchase bus ticket in advance for your evening trip to Manila.

8 AM-Tricycle ride to Batad Saddle Point. Travel time is about 45 minutes.

8:45 AM-Saddle Point. Rent a walking stick for only 10 pesos. Believe me, you will be needing it during the hike.

9:00 AM-Start of hike down to Batad Village.

9:45 AM -arrival at Batad Village. Pay 50 pesos at the tourism booth then enjoy the sight of Batad Rice Terraces at the View Deck. Rest for a while at Hillside Inn and order your lunch in advance.

10:15 AM-Start of hike to Tappiya Falls. You will hike through the rice terraces under the heat of the sun. Don’t forget to rehydrate and take your snacks along the way.

11:00 AM-Arrival in Tappiya Falls. Take pictures and swim to your heart’s content.

11:45 AM-Hike back to Hillside Inn. Since going back is mostly uphill, expect this hike to be tough. Rest for a minute or two along the way as needed.

1:00 PM-Arrival, rest and late lunch at Hillside Inn

1:45 PM-Hike back to Saddle Point. Another upHELL route.

2:45-3:00 PM-Arrival at Saddle Point. Change your sweaty clothes then ride the tricycle back to Banaue Proper

3:30 PM-Arrival in Banaue Town Proper.  Ask the tricycle driver to take you straight the various view decks of Banaue Rice Terraces

4:30 PM-Back in Banaue Town Proper. Eat snacks at People’s Lodge, rest, take a quick bath in their comfort/bath room then roam around the small town.

5:30 PM-Back to People’s Lodge. Relax, drink a beer or two then eat dinner before 6:30 PM. After dinner, take a tricycle ride to the bus terminal as the Ohayami Bus will leave for Manila at 7 PM.

Sunday, 4 AM- Arrival in Manila

My Actual Expenses:

Bus Fare Manila to Banaue: P450.00
Breakfast: 125.00
Water and Bread: P50.00
Guide Fees: P2,200.00 (Tricycle ride from Banaue to Batad Saddle Point and back to Banaue and guide in Batad) + additional 200 pesos for sightseeing at the various viewing decks of Banaue Rice Terraces
Lunch: P285.00 (for me and my guide in Batad)
Afternoon Snacks: P150.00 (for me and the tricycle driver)
Red Horse Beer: P100.00 (2 bottles at P50/bottle)
Dinner: P150.00
Bus Fare Banaue to Manila: P450.00

Total: P3,875.00**
This concludes my Solo Backpacking in Banaue Series. To read the other parts of this series, visit the following links: 

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  1. Seeing these pictures in large really makes me wanna visit the Philippines. I lived on St. Maarten for a couple of year and they have a similar flag like the Philippines. At the moment, I am planning a trip to Asia (perhaps philippines too :)>


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