Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do You Have Your Very Own Butler? At Gotham West, We Do (Sort of)

In the comic book world, Gotham is known for having Batman as its relentless guardian. And Batman has his own guardian, a butler named Alfred Pennyworth who always has his back. And while we mortals here in New York City can’t really afford to employ butlers, having a concierge service is the next best thing. And that’s exactly what we have at Gotham West

So… What’s a Concierge Service?

My wife and I like to travel and we’re used to staying in hotels. The hotel concierge is the go-to guy for anything. In our first visit to Gotham West we were thrilled to find out that this luxury residential building also offers personal concierge services. That’s what sealed the deal for us.

Since we’re new to the city and the neighborhood, the Gotham West concierge has been our life savior.The service started from day one, when we were moving in. They really helped us coordinate everything with the movers, and helped arrange for cable and Internet. Everything went so smoothly that the stress of moving into a new home was kept to a minimum. The concierge also helped us get a dog walker and house cleaning services, which was a big check mark off our list. 

Now that we’ve settled in, the concierge has helped us make dinner plans, get concert ticketsand even flight reservations for our next trip. Perks like this make living in New York City feel truly luxurious! 
(Guest Post)

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