Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trip To Philippines

Recently we went to Capones Island that is situated in San Antonio, Zambales and is just 10 minutes away from Pundaquit Beach. We travelled via boat and had a fantastic experience reaching there. The island is widely chosen for the purpose of honeymoon and side trips. People who travel overnight to Nagasasa Cove or Anawangin Cove also prefer this place as their tourist spot.  For the travelers who travel Nagasasa Cove generally plan for a 3-day tour so as to discover the nearby areas. Capones Island has incredible amount  of natural beauty that attracts travelers from all parts of the world.  The beaches it has are greatly preferred by people to take bath and enjoy life full on. The travel packages availed by trippy helps one to spot the best of tourist`s inn at this place. The cost of 3 days Capones packages are kept quite low as ample tourists resort for a monthly and annual trips at this area.

San Antonio, Nagasasa Cove and itinerary

After we travelled overnight to Anawangin, we proceeded towards the wonderful and the most impressive Nagasasa Cove. You can resume your journey the next morning itself. Nagasasa cove is absolutely contrary to what one thinks it to be. This place is not a part of any island; rather it is a portion of Baranggay San Antonio located in Zambales that resembles Anawangin. Travelers are going to love this place as it has wide water bodies that are absolutely suitable for bathing and all sorts of water sports.  The still and clean water of this place is sure to rejuvenate your mind on soul once you take a dip in the water of this place. Activities like swimming and boating are widely undertaken by the travelers at this place.

Overnight trips and itinerary at Anawangin Cove

Since we had a long holiday trip with our friends, we planned a trip itinerary to Anawangin Cove. The places have wonderful beaches and 3 islands back-to-back. You need to first of all stop at Anawangin so as to resume your journey towards other places next day.

Nagasasa Coves, Anawangin and Capones Island

However, if you desire having short and nostalgic trip then the three-day traveler package by trippy travel to Nagasasa Cove, Anawangin and Capones Island is the best thing you can go for. The islands are like heaven on earth. They describe the real beauty on earth. Boating, shipping, river rafting, swimming, bathing and every other thing you want, you can do at these places.

Subic - the best mountaineering experience

Subic Zambales was yet another place we visited during our trip. Subic Zambales Travel Guide helped us to visit the best of nearby places along with experience mountain climbing, snow hiking and similar other activities. The place is not much from the vicinity of Zambales. Thus it is absolutely accessible from Pampanga, Apalit and other nearby places.

We all planned our trips via trippy travel. Trippy travel is basically a travel guide in Pampanga and the rest of Central Luzon that has been helping tourists to plan their trips from quite some time. Trippy travel is there for your assistance. They also offer tour packages, mostly are adventure tours wherein rates are low and qualities of services are high. 
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  1. Thanks for posting this! Great blog!

    More power SuroyPilipinas!!!

  2. Wow Great Shots! Keep them coming.

    1. You are right Marilou! It is a Great shot. This blog is full of information about Philippines attraction. I have visited there before my tour nyc bus with my friends. This country has offers a various places for visitors. I'm going many places for enjoyment. Here I want to mention some name of famous places:
      1- Manila Ocean Park
      2- Tubbataha Reef
      3- Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
      4- Rizal Park
      5- Chocolate Hills


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