Friday, September 19, 2014

Where to Stay In Impasug-ong, Bukidnon: Magadan Guest Rooms and Dormitory

Two weekends ago, we joined the 3rd Impasug-ong Half Marathon race in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. One concern we had prior to the event was if we could find a place to stay the night before the race. Though Impasug-ong is only about 23 kilometers from my hometown Malaybalay, the prospect of waking up too early, catching a bus ride and arriving in Impasug-ong before the 5:30 AM gun start was a bit inconvenient. If we could find a place to stay there, at least we would have a longer sleeping time that could serve us well during the grueling 21-kilometer run.

Impasug-ong is a sleepy town whose Poblacion is way off from the main Sayre Highway. Its only known accommodation is the LGU-owned cottages at the Municipal Tree Park with a rate of P800.00, However, it is about 2 kilometers from the town center where the race would start and finish.

Fortunately, Roy, my officemate who's also joining the race, found out about Magadan Guest Rooms and Dormitory. Situated only a few hundred meters from the town plaza and with a more affordable rate, it perfectly suits our need for an accommodation which is walking distance to the start and finish line of the race.

Magadan Guest Rooms and Dormitory is located along Sitio Kinurusan Street, adjacent to Impasug-ong Elementary School. This accommodation is not yet known outside Impasug-ong and in fact it does not have any signage advertising its name. Actually,I am not sure of its official business name. I just just thought of calling it as such since it is owned by Magadan family and it is comprised of two guest rooms and a two-room dormitory.

The room where we stayed looks like a small guest house. Slightly elevated from the ground, it has a small porch, a spacious sleeping area and a private toilet and bath. The room has one double bed and a single bed making it good for 3 persons. It has a TV but is not cable connected and a cooling fan which we did not bother to use because of Impasug-ong's naturally cold weather. Bedding, blankets and towels are provided but there are no soap, shampoo and tissue in the bathroom so better bring your own. But with its super low rate of only 400 pesos a night (roughly 133.33 pesos per person for 3 persons), there's really nothing to complain. This no-frills accommodation  definitely offers a good value for your money.

Rear side of the dorm building

The other guest room is good for two, with its own toilet and bath but has no TV. Its rate is only P350.00. On the other hand, the dormitory has two rooms, each one is good for 6 persons and with common CR and bathroom. Dorm rate is P100.00/per person.

Owner: Bong and Vanessa Magadan
Contact Number: 09357578834

Tourist Attractions in Impasug-ong

Giant ethnic statues along Sayre Highway welcome visitors to Impasug-ong. The municipality's rugged terrain offers stunning vistas of verdant hills, mountains, deep canyons and gorges. A few years back, the cowboy-themed movie Love Me Again starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual was partly filmed in Impasug-ong. This municipality is dubbed as Home of the Country's Finest Cowboys as there are 9 commercial cattle farms and a communal ranch in the area. 

The LGU also has its own swimming pool resort along the Old Atugan Highway. For the more adventurous, a trek along Atugan River can be arranged in Barangay Hall of Brngy. Capitan Bayong. The Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR), situated in Brngy. Impalutao is a reforestation project with a man-made spring-fed swimming pool and three natural waterfalls within walking distance to each other. It is an ideal place for hiking and picnics.

Impasug-ong Town Plaza

Getting There

Impasug-ong is about 2 hours by bus from Cagayan de Oro. At the Tourism Center along the highway (prominent landmarks are the nearby giant ethnic statues) , there are tricycles waiting for passengers going to the Poblacion. 

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