Thursday, November 20, 2014

El Nido, Palawan: Chasing Sunset at Corong-Corong Beach

Corong-Corong Beach is located in Brngy. Corong-Corong, about 2 kilometers south from El Nido town center. Compared to El Nido beach in the town proper, Corong-Corong has a more quaint and laid-back atmosphere. Only a few boats are docked on the shore thus it is the offers an unobstructed view of the sunset during a late afternoon.

After visiting Small Lagoon, Payong-Payong Beach, Secret Lagoon, Abdeen's Reef, Big Lagoon and Seven Commandos Beach, our El Nido Island Hopping Tour A ended at about 4 PM. We disembarked from the boat at El Nido Beach then Malou and I walked straight to our accommodation at Northern Hope Inn. I want to catch the sunset view at Corong-Corong, so we immediately took a bath, dressed up and headed out to the town's main street.

We then hailed one of the tricycles lining up on the street and asked the driver to take us to Corong-Corong. As we arrived in the barangay, the driver asked me the name of our hotel as he thought we're staying there. I told him that we're only going to the beach and as I spotted a pathway going to the west side, I asked him to stop. We paid a total fare of P50.00 (or P25/person) because that was the price he quoted us. I later learned that actual fare from town proper to Corong-Corong is only 10 pesos per person. I should have avoided those tricycles waiting in line as they usually asked for a higher fare.

A pathway leading to the beach

From the main street, we walked about 100 meters until we reached Corong-Corong Beach.  The beach stretches long and with a few accommodations lining up at the beach front. Compared to El Nido Beach where restaurants, bars and accommodations stood side by side, the ambiance in Corong-Corong is more peaceful and quiet. If you want a more relaxing stay without going too far away from the town center, Corong-Corong is the better option.

We were just in time to catch the sun slowly going down in the horizon. With the limited capability of my digital camera, I managed to get a few decent shots.

Before it gets totally dark, Malou and I went back to the highway through a different pathway. We then hailed a passing tricycle which took us back to El Nido town proper.

Travel Tips:

1. If you're coming from El Nido town center, avoid the tricycles waiting in line as they charged 50 pesos per tricycle. Just wait for tricycles passing by and you will only pay 10 pesos for a shared ride with other passengers.  

2. Once you're in Brngy. Corong-Corong, disembark at Yolinda's Tourist Inn. There is a pathway near the inn which leads all the way to the beach.

3. If you want to stay in Corong-Corong, check out the accommodations listed in this BLOG.

4. In going back to El Nido town proper, just walk back to the highway and wait for a passing tricycle. 

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