Friday, November 14, 2014

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A: Getting Kinda Lost Inside the Big Lagoon

"I was kinda hoping we were lost." Our tour guide have blurted that phrase twice, matching it with his best attempt of Jason Bourne accent. Of course, we're far from being lost. The boatmen knew the whole of El Nido's Bacuit Bay like the back of their hands that they could probably sail safely from island to island with their eyes closed. The guide was simply making it known to us that the last part of the action flick The Bourne Legacy was filmed in El Nido. And he was mighty proud of this gorgeous place which fascinates even Hollywood filmmakers.

The turquoise water was calm as we sail in-between marvelous limestone cliffs. The Big Lagoon was the fourth stop of our El Nido Island Hopping Tour A and it was definitely a big attraction. We did not actually made a stop here but simply sailed slowly in and out.

The water was so clear you could see what's underneath. Because of the presence of sharp corals and sea urchins in some portions, swimming here is not recommended. It is best suited for kayaking because of the calm water and relaxing scenery.

We took turn in having our photos taken at the front side of the boat. The gorgeous giant cliffs, marvelous rock formations and serene emerald waters comprised the very beautiful background.

With the stunning scenery that surrounds it, Big Lagoon is like a travel postcard came to life. Words are simply not enough to describe its beauty. As we sailed out of it, I realized that we indeed got lost. Lost for words, that is.

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