Friday, November 7, 2014

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A: Payong-Payong Island Feast

After exploring the Small Lagoon, we moved on to our next destination. Our boat sailed along more rocky islets and I was constantly in awe with the beauty that El Nido possesses. In a little while, the boat's engine slowed down as we approach a white sand beach. Our guide told us we're stopping at Payong-Payong Island for an early lunch.

The usual lunch stop for El Nido Island Hopping Tour A is Shimizu Island. However, when it gets too crowded, Payong-Payong Island is the alternative spot to go.

Just like most islands that dot El Nido's Bacuit Bay, Payong-Payong's topography is defined by gigantic limestone karst partly carpeted with green vegetation and white sandy beaches. The emerald seawater is calm on the beach front and a bit strong on the island's rocky side.

The white sand beach is undeveloped and there are no resorts. Seaweeds washed ashore are a common sight. There are shaded portions at the foot of the cliffs where boatmen usually cook food for lunch.

The luxurious Miniloc Resort can be spotted at a distance. According to our guide, it is owned by the Ayalas.

We went swimming and picture-taking while the boatmen prepared our lunch. A couple more tourist boats arrived making the beach a little bit crowded.

Finally, the guide called us and announced that lunch is ready. Laid on the small wooden table are freshly grilled fish, pork and squid, steamed crabs, cucumber salad, eggplant salad and sliced watermelon and pineapple. Wow! It was certainly a feast on the beach.

Though spoon and fork are provided, Malou and I opted to eat with our bare hands ("kamayan" style). Our cook is certainly a master of his craft as all the dishes tasted really good. It was definitely a great lunch in a beautiful island setting.

After having our fill, Malou chose to rest under the shade of a tree while I went back the waters for a quick dip. I then took more photos of the island before we boarded the boat once again and sailed to another island.


  1. Hi Earl - it's me again :-) I'm enjoying your photos. Are all these taken from the waterproof camera you rented?

    1. These are taken using my own digital camera Mam. The photos inside the lagoon are the one taken using the waterproof camera.


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