Wednesday, November 12, 2014

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A: Secret Lagoon and Abdeen's Reef

I've lost count on how many white sand beaches we passed along during our island hopping in El Nido. The place is indeed very blessed with natural wonders that a single day is not enough to visit all the islands dotting Bacuit Bay. As we approached another gigantic limestone outcrop jutting out of the sea, our guide gave us 5 seconds to guess where the entrance to Secret Lagoon is. At first I thought it is near a patch of fine white sand beach. But when I saw a boat docked to our left and with some tourists going towards the direction of the towering rock walls, I correctly pointed my finger to the Secret Lagoon entrance.

After exploring the Small Lagoon and a sumptuous lunch at Payong-Payong Beach, we were on the third stop of our El Nido Island Hopping Tour A. To get to the Secret Lagoon, we walked a few meters on shallow waters from where our boat anchored towards the lagoon's small entrance.

The pristine turquoise water and the pocket white sand beach to our right look so enticing. I imagined how nice it would be to set up a camp and stay there overnight underneath the canopy of stars.

Compared to the Small Lagoon, going to the entrance of the Secret Lagoon is much easier because there are only a few coral rocks underneath the shallow waters. Only a bit of effort is also required in passing through the hole at the base of the limestone cliffs which concealed the lagoon.

Inside the Secret Lagoon is a small pool of water with shallow and deep portions. It  is fenced by beautiful rock formations naturally carved by nature and has an open sky ceiling.

Secret Lagoon possesses a truly unique and astounding scenery. Indeed, it is one of the many prized gems of El Nido.

From the Secret Lagoon, our next destination was Abdeen's Reef. Our guide told us that this is a "bonus" stop since it is not usually included in the Tour A Island Hopping Package.

Abdeen's Reef is one of the popular dive spots in El Nido. It is home to a variety of good corals and tropical fishes. According to our guide, sea turtles are also spotted in this area.

We spent about twenty minutes of snorkeling in Abdeen's Reef. Luck was not on our side though as we were not able to spot a sea turtle passing by. In spite of this, I still feel fortunate that we were able catch a glimpse of El Nido's rich marine life.

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