Tuesday, November 25, 2014

El Nido, Palawan: How To Get To Nacpan Beach by Motorbike

Nacpan Beach is one of El Nido's best off the beaten path destinations. Located in the northern part of El Nido, Nacpan Beach has approximately four kilometers of cream-colored fine sand lined with coconut trees and devoid of overdeveloped resorts. On its southwestern end, it meets with the smaller Calitang Beach to form a twin beach with the most breathtaking and jaw-dropping view when seen on top of a small hill.

Nacpan Beach is almost 20 kilometers from the town proper of El Nido. Tourists usually visit this far flung beach by renting a tricycle which fits 2-3 persons or a van if in a larger group. Regular whole day rate is P1,500 for the tricycle and P3,000 for the van. Considering that half of the route is unpaved and the last 4 kilometers or so going to the beach are really in bad condition, the expensive rates are quite justifiable.

The cheaper option for backpackers on limited budget is to rent a motorbike, that is if you know how to drive one. It costs 700 pesos to rent a motorbike for one whole day and 500 pesos for a half day.

There are plenty of motorbikes for rent in El Nido town proper. Just walk around and you are sure to find one. You may also ask the owner of your accommodation to assist you in looking for a trustworthy bike owner.

Me and the motorbike we rented 

We rented the motorbike for half day since our plan is to go back to El Nido before lunch time. We left at around 7 AM and just followed the road going to El Nido Airport and beyond.

Route map from El Nido town proper to Nacpan Beach

The dirt road started after about 10 kilometers from the town proper. Some portions are undergoing repair so expect rough patches every now and then. Since you will pass along residential areas, just ask the locals for direction in case you feel like you're getting lost.

After almost 15 kilometers, take note of this sign board posted on the waiting shed to your left:

Take a left turn and you will see this wooden bridge:

Yes, you need to cross this bridge!

This last stretch of the route is the worst part as the road is in really bad condition. Since it rained heavily the night before, the road was slippery and rainwater covered the several potholes along the way. Because I am not familiar with how deep these holes are, I have to let Malou get off the bike several times so I could cross over more easily.

Once you reach this waiting shed, you are only about a hundred meters or two from the beach.

Welcome to Paradise!

More Travel Tips:

1. Motorbike rental is P700.00 for one day and P500.00 for half day. You also need to fill up the gasoline tank before returning it to the owner.

2. You may contact Richie, the owner of the motorbike we rented at 09102262136.

3. Be extra careful when driving a motorbike especially during rainy season.

4. Since I am not familiar with the route, we reached Nacpan Beach a little over one hour. 

5. Kyla's Cocina sells food and drinks near the beach. You may use their open huts to rest and enjoy the view. They have a comfort room nearby. When we were there, construction of their 2-bedroom accommodation is almost complete.

6. A few hundred meters from Kyla's is Jack's Place. The resort has native cottages for accommodation.

7. To see the breathtaking view of Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach, make sure to climb the hill at the southwestern end of the beach.


  1. Earl - Where's the photo of that breath-taking view of Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach?

  2. May scooter po ba na pwede irent? Thanks!

    1. Kindly contact the number posted in the article. Thanks!


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