Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Sandugo 2N1 Convertible Slippers (SP1303)

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of Sandugo 2N1 Convertible Slippers (Product Code: SP1303) to replace my worn out Merrell Waterpro Ganges. My plan is to use this pair for day hikes on easy to moderate trails. I have two reasons for buying the Sandugo brand: (1) affordability, since it is a proudly Philippine-made product and (2) durability, as proven by an old pair of slippers which I am still using for more than four years now.

The Sandugo 2N1 Convertible Slippers is priced at Php 545.00, a bargain if compared to foreign brands which may be not as durable and functional. It is a dual purpose footwear which can be used not only as an ordinary slippers for day-to-day activities but also for easy to moderately tough outdoor hikes. It has a sling strap which can be neatly inserted to the main strap for casual use and can be converted as strap to secure the feet during active use.

Funny how at first, I thought the strap is used to secure the ankle. When I tested it, both straps keep on slipping off when I walk.

I would later find out that it is actually used as a mid strap. Hahaha!

Photo from Sandugo website

The sling can be inserted in the main strap for casual use

Just like my old pair, the Sandugo 2N1 Convertible Slippers has a solid look but felt comfortable when I slipped it on my feet. The main strap is kinda stretchy which I believe will lessen the chances of getting blisters during long walks. The rugged outsole looks tough and ready to grip the trail.

Field Test

Because of the rainy Christmas season, I only got the chance to field test my Sandugo slippers on the last day of 2014. I invited my friends to a day hike at the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park in our hometown Malaybalay City.

The trail started with a 1.2 kilometer steep ascent along narrow path which was made slippery by the previous days' rain. The slippers' outsole did its part well in gripping the ground and not once did I slip even on the wet portions. Compared to the more expensive Merrel Waterpro Ganges, this Sandugo pair definitely gave a more superior traction on wet grounds.  

However, I observed that the mid strap does not function well in securing my feet. At the steepest parts of the trail, my heel would slide down a bit from the slippers as the convertible slings are not designed to secure the ankles.

The hike took about 6.6 kilometers, passing through ascending and descending terrains, earthen dikes of rice fields and finally along compact barangay roads. My Sandugo slippers did its job well in keeping my feet comfortable, protecting my soles from small rocks on the ground and gripping even the slippery and uneven portions of the trail. If only its convertible slings secured my heels well, I would have given it a perfect rating.


Sandugo 2N1 Convertible Slippers is a multi-functional footwear which can be used for both casual and active lifestyle. It is comfortable and durable and is best suited for day hikes on easy trails with mostly even terrain . Because its mid-strap will not secure your heels, it is not suited for highly technical trails. As they have other products for tougher trails and terrains. I believe that Sandugo made the 2N1 Convertible Slippers for people who prefer leisurely easy hikes on more established trails during weekends.

Note: This is not a paid review. 

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