Monday, March 30, 2015

Where to Buy Pasalubong in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: LRC 908 Market Mall

It was our last night in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan and on top of our list is to buy pasalubong (take home treats) as we’re scheduled to fly back home the next day. Good thing that our accommodation, Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast Hotel, offers free shuttle service for their customers going downtown.  The van is scheduled to take guests to the city proper at 6 PM and then pick them up at a designated location at 9.  So after our Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour, we rested for about one hour in our room, took a bath and got ready for the short trip downtown.

There were six of us in the spacious van. The other two couples were dropped off first at a famous restaurant then I asked Nervin, the driver, to take me and Malou to where we can buy pasalubong. In a few minutes, we arrived at LRC 908 Market Mall, which, as Nervin told us, the best place to buy pasalubong in Puerto Princesa City.

LRC 908 Market Mall, located along Puerto Princesa North Road, does not look like a typical mall. It is more like a covered court which houses various stalls (“tyanggi”) selling different kinds of pasalubong items. If you want to shop more comfortably, it also has a spacious airconditioned section.

From cheap items like key chains and ref magnets to more expensive ones like pearls, everything is here inside LRC 908 Market Mall. They also sell local food products such as dried fish and cashew nuts. I believe that prices here are much cheaper than those sold in Palawan’s famous tourist spots as you can buy quality items for as low as 10 pesos!

What I love most are the personalized t-shirts. There are plenty of stalls selling these shirts and I bought mine outside the airconditioned store, just along the market mall’s entrance.  At 270 pesos per shirt, it is a little more expensive than those sold in other stalls (whose price ranged from Php180-250) but what I like is their print designs and the quality of the shirts.   

Getting a personalized shirt is very easy. You only need to choose your preferred design and t-shirt color then you can opt to add your name (or in my case, this blog’s URL) to the final print. In less than 15 minutes, you get your freshly printed shirt.

LRC 908 Market Mall is located along Puerto Princesa North Road, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Just ask the tricycle drivers passing around the city as they sure know where this place is.


  1. Thank you for the info. Very helpful

  2. thanks for the a little kuripot when it comes to pasalubong

  3. They already changed this to MCA pasalubong center. Note that they do not give discounts even if you buy a lot. The was a lady who said we can have discounts but the cashier LIZA said they don't. There were several arguments between us and the cashier, but she never gave us an apology on behalf of her colleague, nor was she polite in catering to our disappointment since we spent almost 2 hours looking around and filling our baskets with the pasalubong and souvenir items.

  4. Do you have like the price range?


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