Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bukidnon: A Refreshing Shower Underneath the Cascades of Dila Falls

With the aim to beat the intense summer heat, we made a quick escape to CEDAR (Center for Ecological Development and Recreation) in Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon last Maundy Thursday. This sprawling protected area which is home to a dense forest, clean rivers and three natural waterfalls has always been a favorite destination for quick getaways due to its proximity to my hometown Malaybalay.

Upon arriving at CEDAR, a huge Bible Camp greeted us near the main entrance. Members of various Christian churches were having their group discussions as we entered the area and parked our vehicle near the covered court. After writing our names in the log book, we immediately started our hike to visit the three waterfalls.

A few hundred meters from the crowded entrance and the ambiance turned quiet as we enter the woods.  Time check at 9 AM but no one is swimming at the man-made pool yet. We crossed the bamboo bridge then hiked through the forest trail.

After seeing Gantungan Falls and Natigbasan Falls at different viewpoints and several stops for the obligatory selfie shots, we reached the downward trail going to Dila Falls. Weeks of no rain dried up the usually muddy path. It made our descent much easier as it was only the steepness we had to contend with. After a few minutes we’re already at the river flowing down from the fall’s cascades.

As I expected, the dry spell lessen the volume of water falling down from the cliff above. The usually powerful drop was turned into a less intimidating cascade. In the previous times I visited this falls I was contented in seeing it from the distance. But this time, I sensed opportunity to get closer. The river’s current is not that strong, the water is not muddy and it looked safer to get nearer to the falls because of its not-too-powerful drop.

So we hopped  and scrambled on the boulders and finally came face to face with the falls. Despite the lesser volume of water falling down, it is enough to create powerful gusts of wind. It was my first time to get really close to this falls and it had me standing in awe staring at its tall cascades while feeling the wind continuously spraying mists on my face. 

After taking more photos, we decided to experience Dila Falls more intimately. So we took a dip on the shallow parts of its basin and the ice cold water immediately gave us the chill.  We then made a short climb on the boulders, got closer to the rock walls and showered underneath the cascades. Aahh! It was the perfect treat on a hot summer day. We were shouting with glee like little kids discovering a wonderful playground. Despite shivering in cold, it was a blissful experience like no other, a refreshing reward for enduring the trek just to get closer to mother nature.

Dila Falls is located in CEDAR, Impalutao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. It can be reached by bus from Malaybalay City (30 minutes) or Cagayan de Oro City (about 2 hours). The park's entrance is just along national highway. Visit this LINK to read more about CEDAR.

*All photos were taken using smart phone cameras. The first 5 photos were taken using my Starmobile Up Snap while the last one was taken by my wife using her Samsung Galaxy S5.

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