Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Handy Things To Have When Backpacking

If you are heading out into the wilderness, then your backpack is not only going to be your luggage, but also your first aid kit and your best friend. This is why there are certain items that no backpacker with sense should go on holiday without.

Consider the essentials

A backpacking holiday can be a great way to test your fitness level and enjoy a little freedom, away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city, but it is important that you are prepared for every eventuality. A backpacking holiday will undoubtedly take you out into areas where you may be the only person for miles, so ensuring you have all you need to keep yourself healthy and safe in the great outdoors is a must.

The most essential part of your backpacking luggage should be a basic first aid kit containing antiseptic creams, bandages, and painkillers, along with any allergy medication you require. Also include contact details for a person who should be contacted in case of emergency. A survival kit may also be considered a necessity, and this could contain such items as a compass, matches, a whistle, and flashlight.

If you are backpacking, you should already be wearing comfortable, practical clothing, but there are additional items of clothing that may come in handy. A waterproof jacket is always worth packing, even if you are expecting hot weather. A scarf and gloves may also come in handy, as may an extra set of bootlaces. For health and fitness reasons, you may find it beneficial to include compression leggings, which are leggings that help to support your body and aid mobility. They are particularly useful for those who suffer from poor circulation, and they will also help to reduce your recovery time should you become injured while backpacking.

You should also ensure that you pack not only enough food and water to sustain you on your trip, but also to keep you going should you have an accident and need to wait for help to reach you. For this reason, you should always pack enough food and drink to last you for an extra day. It will be easier for you if such food does not require cooking and has a long shelf life. You should be packing foodstuffs that deliver high energy levels, such as cereal bars, dried fruit, and nuts. An extra bottle of water is even more important than extra food in most cases. It can be a good idea to also pack a collapsible water reservoir so that you can fill up on the move. If you do pack one of these, you will also need to pack something that will purify any water, such as a filter or chemical treatment.

It may be a holiday you are planning to take, but smart preparation for accidents and emergencies will help you to have peace of mind while you travel. Ensure you pack the items mentioned above so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your safety.

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