Monday, September 7, 2015

Exploring Anda: A Not-So-Usual Bohol Destination

After a grueling run at the Bohol International Marathon, Malou and I rested a bit in our room at BODARE Coop Pension House. Before 10 AM, we packed our bags and checked out, then hailed a tricycle to Dao Integrated Terminal. After asking around, we were directed to a parked van bound for our next destination: the east coast paradise town of Anda.

Tour packages in Bohol often include the usual Chocolate Hills, Loboc River Cruise, old churches, tarsier sanctuary and the beaches in Panglao. Anda is still off-the-radar of most tourists thus it appeal more to backpackers seeking destinations beyond the usual. Though I have been to Bohol several times, I have never been to Anda so I was both thrilled and excited to visit it for the very first time.

It took about one hour before the van got filled up with passengers. We left the terminal at 11:30 AM and it was a good thing that I bought sandwiches before the trip as it served as our lunch on the road. The van ride took two hours and the beautiful sights seen along the coastal highway kept me from falling asleep.

Anda is situated at the eastern tip of Bohol and is approximately 100 kilometers from the capital city of Tagbilaran.

We disembarked in front of the Anda Town Plaza then walked straight to the nearby Sto. Niño Church. Anda has a compact town proper with its municipal hall situated on the rear side of the plaza and behind it is the long stretch of the public Quinale Beach. Fronting the old church is a grassy field which has a small pathway in the middle leading all the way to the beach.

Anda's Sto. Niño Church was only finished in 1926 and features a center porch and belfry.

After praying at the church, Malou and I walked towards the beach. I caught a glimpse of its white sands but before sinking our feet on it, we first dropped by Anda Tourist Information Center which stood closed to the beach. I could say that the town, despite being small, has a well-organized tourism office. The tourist center is open even if it was a Sunday and they have plenty of free maps and brochures with essential information about their different tourist attractions.

Impressive ceiling artworks done by renowned Cebuano church artist Ray Francia

The friendly lady on duty directed us on where to look for accommodations near the public beach and after signing on the logbook, Malou and I walked along the beach to look for a place where we can stay for the night.

Since it was a Sunday and a long weekend, plenty of local folks are hanging around the beach. The beach looked lovely, with its white sands definitely ranking among the finest I've ever seen. How I envy the locals here. They can freely enjoy the beautiful beach anytime they like as it is just within the town proper.

After walking past the beach goers, we first checked out Little Miami Beach Resort. It has small but lovely cottages and looked like a pleasant place to stay. However, it was already fully booked. 

It was already past noon and the sun's heat was unforgiving. I told Malou to just wait for me at Little Miami's beachfront while I go check out the other nearby accommodations. Fortunately, after walking for a few hundred meters I came across Anda de Boracay. The resort is elevated above the beach so I climbed the short flight of stairs, walked past their swimming pool and went to the front desk. 

I was told that they still have one vacant room left. It has a rate of P1,700 which is way beyond my usual budget. But since I was already tired and in no mood to search for other accommodations, I told the receptionist that I will take the room. After registration, I went back to Malou and carried my backpack which I left with her. We walked back to the resort and checked in to our room. We decided that we will just hang out at the beach later that afternoon. The long run and long travel we had earlier that day finally  took its toll so we dozed off to a much needed sleep.    


  1. Hi Earl - We've been to Anda de Boracay about 3 years ago. On a very clear day you can see Camiguin Island from the viewdeck of the resort. We visited the Tourist Information Centre in Tagbilaran to ask for a map and information about driving around the whole island of Bohol - they were very helpful and that's when they suggested that we swing by Anda. By the way, the drive around Bohol only took 4 hours. The roads were all concrete and very clean.

    1. Nice to know that Mam. I am from Bohol and I hope to circle the whole island someday.


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