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Bohol: Anda Travel Guide

While Bohol is best known for Chocolate Hills, old churches and the beaches of Panglao, the far eastern town of Anda is fast emerging as its next must-visit destination. This small, quaint town is home to stretches of fine white sand beaches that could rival those in Panglao. Aside from its beaches, Anda also has cool cave pools, spectacular dive sites and eco-cultural destinations. As most of its attractions are not yet over-commercialized, Anda appeals more to travelers and backpackers seeking to commune with nature.

This travel guide to Anda, Bohol will provide you with basic information on how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and things to do as well as contact number of the town's Tourist Information Center.


Anda is situated at the eastern tip of Bohol and is approximately 100 kilometers from the capital city of Tagbilaran.

How to Get There:

From Tagbilaran City, there are Anda-bound buses and vans at the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal. The terminal is walking distance from Island City Mall (ICM). Travel time from Tagbilaran to Anda is about 2 hours.

Anda Transportation Schedule and Fare

In case you missed the bus or van going to Anda, you may ride the bus going to Guindulman or Ubay. Disembark at Guindulman and hire a tricycle going to Anda.

Anda Tourist Information Center

Upon arriving in Anda, get off near the town plaza and walk your way to Anda Tourist Information Center which is adjacent to the public beach. The center has a tourist-friendly staff and plenty of useful brochures and maps.   

Where to Stay:

These are some of the Anda accommodations you may choose from:

When we were there, we stayed in Anda de Boracay White Sand Beach Resort. You may read my review of the resort in this LINK.

Where to Eat

Quinale Beach Bar Menu

Some resorts have their own restaurants. If you want to dine near the beach, the LGU-managed Quinale Beach Bar along Quinale Beach (a public beach) serves affordable meals and drinks. For even more affordable eats, walk or take a tricycle ride to Anda Food Center located at the back of the Public Market. The food center houses a row of carinderias where you can have a filling meal for less than a hundred pesos.

Things to Do

4. Check out the other cave pools such as Kaligoon Cave Pool, Cabagnow Cave Pool and East Coast Cave Pool.
5. Visit Lamanok Island.
6. Explore the spectacular dive spots.

For more information and guide to these attractions, you may contact Anda Tourist Information Center:

Cellphone:  +639076801127 
Email: tourism@andabohol.gov.ph. 
Website: www.andabohol.gov.ph
Facebook: Anda Tourism
                  The Municipality of Anda


  1. What a useful guide! And perfect timing too! We are planning to check out Anda; we heard it has great dive sites.

    1. Hi Adrenaline Romance. Yes, there are a lot of diving sites in Bohol esp. in Panglao. You'll surely enjoy the place. My friends and I toured around Bohol and we had fun. I'm sure you will. A tip though that I want to share, you may want to rather rent a motorbike or scooter at book2wheel.com so you won't need to transfer from one bus to another or have a hard time getting a ride to visit other places. Book2wheel provides a map that you can use so you won't get lost. Besides, locals in Bohol are nice.

  2. I was in anda its a nice place like a boracay in bohol

  3. I was in anda its a nice place like a boracay in bohol

  4. This is Angelo Garcia ig: @geloagi

    Great post! very helpful!


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