Friday, September 11, 2015

Anda, Bohol: A Cool Dip in Combento Cave Pool

Aside from its strips of white sand beaches and pristine dive sites, the quaint town of Anda in the eastern tip of Bohol is also home to numerous caves formed by millions of years of geologic activities. Anda has 30 minor and major caves and some of these underground wonders can be found near the sea. As water naturally flows out to the sea, there will be seepage on the porous rocks thus giving birth to natural cave pools.  Only four of the seven known cave pools in Anda are accessible. During our short stay here, we made sure to visit at least one and we chose the most popular and easily accessible: Combento Cave in Barangay Virgen.

After a heavy breakfast in Anda de Boracay Resort, we packed some chips and bottled water in my dry bag. From the resort, we walked for about 500 meters until we reached the highway. There are habal-habals (single motorcycle) parked across the corner of the Public Market compound so we hired one to take us to Combento Cave. Fare is only 20 pesos per person. Upon reaching Brngy. Virgen, we swerved to the left and traversed the unpaved road going to Bito-on Beach. Entrance to Combento Cave is only about 500 meters from the highway.

We paid the fee of 10 pesos each to an old man guarding the entrance. A few mpre steps later and we were already at the small mouth of the cave. There were no other tourists around so we have it all to ourselves.

A peek down below and the clear, bluish-green water can already be seen.

The water is so clear that the white rocks underneath can still be seen. The deepest portion is probably at 6 feet.

It is good that there are no artificial concrete stairs built here as it helped preserve the natural rock formations. One has to take careful steps in descending down the slippery rocks. It will take only a few steps, though, to reach the cold and clear water. 

The cave is illuminated by natural daylight from outside entering the mouth of the cave.

After taking a few photos, I wasted no time in taking a dip. The water felt so cold and I liked it. Soaking on this natural pool was such a bliss especially after the grueling half marathon run followed by the long land travel we had the day before.

After the refreshing dip, we climbed up and walked back to the entrance. Just as we were about to leave, Malou noticed another cave to our left. A young girl, who turned out to be the granddaughter of the old man at the entrance, guided us in getting near this cave. We found out that it also has a natural pool with clear water. However, it is shallow and not suitable for swimming. The girl told us that there is a third cave on the opposite side but that one has no water.

Before leaving the place, we gave our pack of chips to the girl and her little sister. She reluctantly received it, smiled and thanked us in her tiny voice. We then walked back to the highway and fortunately there was a passing tricycle which we hailed and rode back to the resort.

How to Get There:

1. From Anda town proper, you may take a habal-habal (motorcycle) ride up to the entrance of Combento Cave Pool. The cave is a popular attraction so habal-habal and tricycle drivers are familiar with it. Malou and I paid 20 pesos each to the driver. If you're in a group you may opt to hire a tricycle.Travel time is only 10-15 minutes.

2. Entrance fee to the cave is only Php10.00 per person.

3. In going back to the Poblacion, you may ask the driver to wait for you if you do not intend to stay long inside the cave. Or you may walk back to the highway and wait for passing habal-habal or tricycle.

4. Help preserve the cleanliness of the cave and its pool by not using soap and shampoo in the water and not leaving any of your trash around.

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  1. These kinds of natural pools are just stunning. They are rare so not everyone are able to see and even plunge on them. Thanks for the info. Bohol sure has a lot to offer.

  2. I miss this place! I think I was still 13 when I last went here. Haha. The water looks shallow compared to what I saw before though. Has it really gone shallow? Just curious. Hehe.

  3. This caves are really interesting. I hope there are caves near the NCR Region can be travelled in 1 day.
    If you`re interested on other places you can search it here:

  4. Just went there.we paid 20 pesos per person for the entrance only to find out the place is so not worth it.The cave is dark (not suitable for swimming) and the water is obviously not clean due to the fact that it was not maintained properly.We asked if we could get a discount since we did not enjoy it and none of us were planning on swimming. The gate keeper did not consider our request even if we were only there for a few minutes, claiming that it was their policy. If you haven't been there, then I strongly suggest that you should not go because even for 20 pesos its not worth it. I hope that those who are reading this will benefit from my experience.


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