Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anda, Bohol: A Relaxed Afternoon at Quinale Beach

After an hour of deep sleep in our room, Malou and I woke up to the sound of my cellphone's alarm clock. It was 4 PM and I could already feel hunger pangs in my stomach as we only had sandwiches for lunch earlier while in transit from Tagbilaran City to Anda. We got up and went outside the resort, looking for some place to buy something to eat.

We walked along Quinale Beach and I noticed that there are already fewer people hanging around. It was low tide and maybe most local folks who frolicked in the beach earlier already had their fill and went back to their respective homes. With fewer people around, I began to see the true beauty of Quinale Beach.

Quinale is a long stretch of public beach maintained by the Local Government Unit of Anda. Compared to the more popular beaches of Panglao in the opposite end of Bohol island, Quinale is more quaint, charming and less-commercialized. No huts and cottages stood along the beach but there are Mantalisay trees which provide natural shade from the heat of the sun. 

Quinale, meaning "a land that moves forward", is the old name of Anda.  

Quality wise, the white sands of Quinale Beach are among the finest I've ever seen. It can certainly hold its own against the beaches of Panglao or even Boracay. I am impressed with how the LGU was able to maintain the cleanliness of the beach considering that it is open for free to the public. Maybe because the town only sees a few tourists year round, that's why there are no plastic and other trash littered on the sands.

Monument of a soldier built to commemorate the American soldiers who landed on this beach during the World War II.  

One can pitch a tent here and camp overnight. Food is not a problem since there is a nearby beach bar, also maintained by the LGU, serving affordable meals, snacks and drinks. There are also open showers, changing rooms and comfort rooms all free to use. 

Quinale Beach Bar

With the afternoon getting late, the setting sun on the west side of Bohol started to paint pink and orange streaks across the distant skies. We ordered food and drinks at the bar then a male staff help us set up two plastic chairs and a table on the sands. I love the laid back atmosphere of the afternoon, observing some tourists and locals winding up the day along the beach.

Then the moon started to appear in the horizon. Malou and I stared in awe at the huge red ball slowly rising up. It was a truly beautiful sight, something we don't get to see too often. 

Our dinner was served after we almost finished our second round of alcohol.  Sweet chili prawn, pork sisig plus three cups of rice were laid on our table. Malou and I both agreed that the food tasted great and the generous servings could even feed 3 persons.     

With stomachs finally full and the night getting late, we slowly walked back to our accommodation. The fine sands felt soft on our feet while moonlight illuminated our path. It has been a long day which started with a grueling long run followed by a long travel. Fittingly, it ended with a relaxed vibe, good food and ice cold drinks in Anda's beautiful Quinale Beach. 

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  1. Hi Earl - beautiful photos and so inviting! Will definitely visit Anda again before it gets too developed and commerlised.

    1. Thanks Mam Marilou! I do hope it won't get commercialized. I love its relaxed and laid back vibe.

  2. Is it safe to camp overnight in Quinale Beach? Is there a tent for rent?

  3. Is it safe to camp overnight in Quinale Beach? Is there a tent for rent?


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