Friday, November 20, 2015

Mount Pulag: Inside the Mossy Forest

Part of the amazing experience in hiking up and down Mt. Pulag is entering a different kind of world every hour or so. Climbing this declared National Park allows you to experience not only its rugged terrain, cold temperature and amazing views but also seeing up close its diverse flora and fauna, many of which are endemic in the mountain. So from the open grasslands of Mt. Pulag's summit down to Camp 2, we continued our descent and entered the Mossy Forest.

Since it was still dark when we passed the forest on our way up earlier at dawn, the daytime descent allowed us to see and appreciate more of its otherwordly beauty.  It was already past 8 AM but the mossy forest is still veiled in fog. Stunted and eerie looking trees draped in moss, vines, ferns and wild flowers flanked our path, like a labyrinth straight out of a fairy tale.

Temperature was still at low point so we continued to walk with our layers of clothing, gloves and bonnets on, stopping every now and then to rest and marvel at the scenery.

Mount Pulag was proclaimed as a National Park to protect its natural environment. Thus it is prohibited to cut and take any of its vegetation.

There are two spring water sources within the mossy forest. Each one is located near Camp 1 and Camp 2. It is where hikers and guides refill their hydration containers. A raging river down below can also be heard while walking along the forest trail.

We reached Camp 1 after about one hour from Camp 2. We rested on the waiting shed for awhile then continued to exit the mossy forest on our way back to Babalak Ranger Station.   

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