Friday, November 13, 2015

Mount Pulag: The Beautiful Descent from Summit to Camp 2

After two hours of savoring the view at the summit of Mount Pulag, it was time to make our descent. It was already 7 AM and other groups are also starting to leave. After taking one last photo of the summit signage, Malou and I followed our guide Joel making his way down the slopes of Luzon's highest peak.

As it was already daytime, we finally saw the awe-inspiring views that Mount Pulag trail has to offer. The mountain stood proudly on the borders of the provinces of Benguet, Nueva Viscaya and Ifugao, and everywhere we looked, we were treated to the panoramic view of mountains, grasslands, forests and fog.

These photos are taken during our from the summit and down to Camp 2:

Mount Pulag is one of the coldest places in the country. The coldest months are December, January and February. Frost is known to occur during this period. Hard to believe but temperature actually dips to sub-freezing point at the highest point of the mountain during the amihan season.

With an aim to preserve the environment around the mountain, Mount Pulag was designated as a National Park on February 24, 1964 through Proclamation No. 56.

Our guide Joel is a resident of Sitio Babalak, Kabayan, Benguet. It is the known starting point of Ambangeg Trail. When climbing Mt. Pulag, getting a local guide is mandatory.

It was already past 7 AM but the surrounding is still shrouded with fog. 

This photo shows the single track trail which widened due to too many people climbing this mountain. Ambangeg Trail is usually favored by many hikers due to its beginner-friendly terrain thus resulting to heavy trail impact.

Malou and our guide Joel traversing the single track trail along the slopes.

Flat rocks layered on the ground. Aside from making the hike easier, it also minimizes the risk of widening of the trail. 

After about 1 hour, we finally arrived at Camp Site Number 2. Malou took a toilet break while I rested for awhile. After a few minutes we continued our descent and entered the mossy forest.

Next Post: Inside the Mossy Forest 

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  1. Wow this is very informative! I would love to go to Mt Pulag soon. :)


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