Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: Baban's Homestay in Babalak, Bashoy, Kabayan, Benguet

Baban’s Homestay was our home when we climbed Mt. Pulag last October.  Situated in Sitio Babalak, Brngy. Bashoy, Kabayan, Benguet, the cozy homestay provided us a warm and safe place to sleep the night before our hike to the summit of Luzon’s highest peak. We chose to stay in a homestay instead of camping at either Camp 1 or Camp 2 of the Ambangeg Trail since we don’t have a tent, portable stove, cookware and other camping essentials.  Of course, camping out would have been more fun and adventurous but sleeping in a homestay also has its advantages. 

First, you get to travel light as you don’t have to carry too many gears and supplies.  Second, you have a safe and warm place to stay even if it is raining or too cold outside. Third, it is a more environment-friendly option as trail impact on the mountain is minimized, reducing the possibility of leaving thrashes and damaging the trails as well the flora and fauna.  Lastly, you get to help the community by providing additional income to the local folks.

Staying in Baban Homestay is also very affordable as the rate is only 250 pesos per person. With this small amount you get to sleep on a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and thick blankets to keep you warm throughout the cold night.

Baban’s Homestay have three houses to accommodate its guests. We were booked at the house managed by Maam Agot Baban, a teacher in a nearby high school. We learned that it is originally their family home and she and her parents still live there.  On the other hand, the two other homestays are managed by her two sisters.

The green-and-yellow-painted house looks small but actually has spacious living room, dining room and a terrace. Just like most houses I’ve seen in the Cordillera Region, the exterior walls are plastered with corrugated roofing sheets which protect the interiors from moisture and also help ward off the cold temperature brought about by the place’s high elevation.

The homestay has beautiful wooden interiors which lent the house an authentic countryside look and feel.  Family portraits, Mount Pulag photos and native accessories adorned the walls.

There are two long tables and plenty of wooden chairs in the dining room. It also has fireplace where guests can huddle during very cold nights. The door on the right leads to the common toilet and bathrooms.

Meals can be pre-ordered at only P70.00/person. For our dinner, we had chicken adobo and buttered vegetables while for our brunch after the hike, we feasted on the very delicious and filling "pinikpikan" dish.

Our room is located in the second floor. It has a simple but comfortable bed good for two, with pillows and thick blankets.

The second floor also has a terrace which overlooks the adjacent homestays.

Outside the homestay are wooden benches which offer a view of the vegetable garden. Cellphone signal is quite strong in this area.

At the back of the house is a trail which leads down another garden where the summit of Mt. Pulag can be seen. Take a little walk farther down trail and you can view the nearby mountains and vegetable terraces.

Overall, we had a wonderful stay at Baban's Homestay. We felt right at home with the owners as we were treated much like members of their family. Our room was small but still comfortable and gave us the much needed sleep the night before our climb to Mt. Pulag. The homecooked meals are very affordable yet delicious and filling. Most of all, we love how the house was built, small and simple yet beautiful and snugly warm and surrounded with really beautiful scenery. 

For info and reservation, contact Agot Baban at  09303631218 or leave a message on their FB Page: Mt. Pulag Summit View-Baban's Homestay.


  1. We are planning to hike at 12 midnight just in time for sunrise reaching the peak. Do they have parking as we will bring our own van and do they coordinate for the permits ,denr etc?

  2. Yes they have a parking area. Kindly call the contact number with regards to coordination in DENR permits.


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