Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bukidnon: Gorgeous Gantungan Falls in CEDAR, Impasugong

Gantungan Falls is the first of three waterfalls one can see when hiking inside CEDAR (Center for Ecological Development and Recreation) in Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon. For several times that I have trekked inside this nature park (see previous post HERE), I was contented in seeing only the upper half of the fall's entire height as seen along the established trail. Getting to the bottom would require descending down a steep ravine and it is often bypassed by casual hikers as there are still two other waterfalls to see inside CEDAR.

I finally get the chance to see Gantungan Falls' entirety last Christmas break. Together with some high school friends, we decided to get down the steep and narrow trail which leads all the way to Gantungan River down below. The trail can be seen on the left side just before reaching the concrete posts of a proposed bridge project. 

Getting down the river wasn't as hard as I imagined it to be. It was steep but short, with degree of difficulty much like going down to the base of Dila Falls, also inside CEDAR. 

Upon reaching the river, we saw thin strips of water falling down the cliff. It was beautiful but it is not Gantungan Falls yet. 

We waded in chest-deep waters for a few meters and upon reaching the curtain-like falls, we finally saw Gantungan Falls in its entirety.

I was instantly awed by Gantungan Falls' beauty. Its thunderous cascades are so powerful that we couldn't get any closer to its base. However seeing it at the bottom of the hollowed cliff which formed an arch-like frame was simply an amazing sight to behold. I felt like we're on a different world yet in reality we were just about two kilometers away from the national highway.

To thoroughly enjoy the experience, we showered and swam on its ice cold waters and savored this nature's gift to our hearts content.

Gantungan Falls is located inside CEDAR, Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon. The park is about 18 kilometers north of Malaybalay City, the capital of the province. Entrance fee is only 10 pesos per person.


  1. Great post. It reminds me of the waterfalls on Jamaica. It's the type of place I can disappear in forever. haha
    Started writing about my own experience too:

  2. Awesome! The falls looks amazing and refreshing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The waterfalls look great, come on summer days is the number one (y)

  4. Wow amazing, looks pristine and clean.

  5. wow!! I wanted to come here once to be able to explore it!The waterfalls look great

  6. Beautiful place! If I have a chance to travel around the Philippines, Gantungan falls would be the must


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