Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bohol Countryside Tour: Chocolate Hills, Batuan Shiphaus, Butterfly Garden and Bilar Man-made Forest

As an early summer treat to our kids, we took them to a vacation in the beautiful island of Bohol. Aside from being famous for its Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and white sand beaches, I chose Bohol as our destination since it is also the land of my birth. My kids will not be only setting foot on this province for the first time but also meet our relatives as well.

From Cagayan de Oro City, the Trans Asia ferry departed a little past 7 PM and arrived at Tagbilaran City, Bohol at 4 AM the next day. Prior to our trip, I already contacted a tourist car driver referred by my friend. We disembarked from the boat after receiving a text message from the driver that he is already at the port to pick us up.

Since it was still early, we opted to have breakfast first at McDonalds and at the same time plot our itinerary for the day. Bohol Countryside Tour is a popular tour package often availed by tourists since it offered them to see Bohol's most famous attractions in just one day. Since Chocolate Hills is the farthest destination in this tour, we chose to visit it first after eating our breakfast.

It took us a little over one hour to reach Chocolate Hills from Tagbilaran City. The kids slept inside the car most of the way. When they woke up, we were already approaching Bohol's most famous tourist spot.

Situated in the town of Carmen, the Chocolate Hills are a geological formation comprised of around 1,260 hills. These hills are covered in green grass which turns brown during dry season. Undisputed as the province's most famous attraction, it is often said that you haven't been to Bohol if you have not visited the Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills Complex
Carmen, Bohol
Entrance Fee: P50.00

From the Chocolate Hills, we went next to Batuan Shiphaus. A relatively new attraction in Bohol, this house built like a ship surely attracts attention of every passerby in the national highway of Batuan.

The Shiphaus is owned by Captain Gaudencio Dumapias, a Batuan local who rose out of poverty to become a Master Mariner. The unique house resembles a ship both outside and inside and the staff are all dressed up in shipping crew uniform.

The Shiphaus now also accept overnight accommodations as there are rooms in the second floor available for rent.

Batuan Shiphaus

Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol
(038) 533-9214; 09074689900
Entrance Fee: P30.00

Our third stop was the Bohol Habitat Conservation Center which is more popularly known as the Butterfly Garden in Bilar.

A knowledgeable and funny guide walked us through the garden and taught us the different variety of butterflies and its life cycle. It certainly piqued my kids' interests as they learned how a caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Bohol Habitat Conservation Butterfly Garden
Poblacion, Bilar, Bohol
(038) 535-9400
Entrance Fee: P45.00

Going down the winding road of Bilar and Loboc border, we made a brief stop at the Man-Made Forest. Tall mahogany trees shaded the road stretching for about 2 kilometers and provided respite from intense summer heat.

In this portion of the highway, the surroundings darken and there is a noticeable drop in temperature as the leaves blocked the heat of the sun. This man-made forest is part of then-President Diosdado Macapagal's nationwide reforest. Vast hectares of land were planted with mahogany to replace trees lost to slash-and-burn farming in Bohol.

(To be continued)



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