Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bohol Countryside Tour Part 2: Tarsier Conservation Area, Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge and Loboc River Cruise

(This is the second part of my recent family vacation in Bohol where we availed the famous Countryside Tour. To read the first part, kindly visit this LINK.)

According to our hired driver, if there are only two attractions that made Bohol a favorite tourist spot, that would be the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier. Without these two, the province would not be as famous as it is for several years now. 

We have already visited the Chocolate Hills, Batuan Shiphaus, Butterfly Garden and Bilar Man-made Forest earlier that day. Our next stop then was the Tarsier Conservation Area in the town of Loboc.

The Philippine Tarsier measures around 3 to 6 inches tall and is considered as the world's smallest primate.  The Tarsier Conservation Area is located in Upper Bonbon, Loboc and is a popular stop for tourists due to its proximity to Bilar Man-made Forest and Loboc River.

The 6-hectare conservation area is a wooded sanctuary with footpath for tourists to see the tarsier at a distance. It also has a parking area and plenty of souvenir shops and food stalls. Entrance fee is P50.00 for adults and free for children below 12 years old.

From the Tarsier Conservation Area we went next to Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge in the nearby inland town of Sevilla. It was my first time to visit this place though the bridge has been in existence for several years already.

The twin bridge is about 40 meters long and links Sitio Sipatan to Sitio Ilawod. The deck is made of intricately woven bamboo slats which swayed and bounced in every step we made, adding excitement and thrill in crossing over the evergreen Loboc River.

At the other end of the bridge are vendors selling native handicrafts, souvenir items and refreshment.

It was approaching noon when we arrive at the Loboc River Wharf. We're just in time for lunch and there were already plenty of tourists waiting for their turn to board the floating restaurants. 

At P450.00/adult and P175.00/child, I honestly find Loboc River's floating restaurant buffet price overpriced. But since we want our kids to experience cruising along the beautiful and serene river, we gave it a go.

There are several food choices spread on the buffet table such as pork barbeque, fried chicken, crabs, fish fillet, vegetable dishes, potato salad and fruits. On board acoustic performers entertain the tourists and in the middle of the cruise, the boat made a stop at the riverside where local talents performed folk songs and dances.

Before reaching the small cascades named Busay Falls, the boat made a turn-around and cruised back to the wharf. The entire trip took about one hour and our kids did enjoy the experience of cruising over the clean and calm river flanked by lush greenery and tall coconut trees on both sides. 

(To be continued)

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