Friday, January 13, 2017

Snapshots: Talubin Rice Terraces in Bontoc, Mountain Province

On our way to Banaue, Ifugao from Bontoc, Mountain Province, the jeepney we hired had a brief stopover in an overlooking spot along the highway. The driver purposely made the stop for us to see the beautiful view of Talubin Rice Terraces. Talubin is one of the barrios of Bontoc and is about 10 kilometers away from the town proper. The village is known as the Land of Clear Waters because of the natural spring waters which flow freely from its mountains and mossy forests.Talubin, in fact, is one of the water sources of Bontoc Central.

The clear river flows freely in-between the cluster of houses and the rice terraces.

A closer look of Talubin Rice Terraces, locally called "payew". The concrete road above goes to the Municipality of Barlig.

How to Get There:

1. Talubin Jeepney Terminal is across Philippine National Bank (PNB) in Bontoc Central. Earliest trip is at 8:00 AM and last trip is at 5:00-6:00 PM. The jeepney will leave only once full.
2. Travel time is about 30 minutes and fare is P20.00.
3. Aside from the Talubin Rice Terraces, you may also hike to Humuyyo Falls. Details on how to get there are on this BLOG.

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