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5 Less Popular Beaches You Should Visit This Summer

Time to soak up the sun as summer is officially here.  Being an archipelago consists of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines boasts of stunning beaches ranging from world renowned to undiscovered off-the-beaten coves. Wherever you are in the country, there's always strips of sands and splashes of waves walking distance or a few hours  ride away.

While the Philippines takes pride of its world-famous beaches such as those in Boracay, Palawan and Bohol, it is also home to equally beautiful yet secluded and largely undiscovered gems. Having traveled to various provinces for a few years now led me to discover these beautiful beaches which are visitied by only a few tourists year round. These beaches are perfect for those who wish to shun the rowdy crowd and get away from the stressful hustle and bustle of daily life.

Here are my Top 5 Less Popular Beaches you should consider visiting this summer...

1. Anguib Beach - Sta. Ana, Cagayan

In the far northern edge of mainland Luzon lies a long stretch of white sand paradise named Anguib Beach. Isolated 643++ kilometers Manila and accessible via a 25-minute boat ride from the port of San Vicente, Anguib Beach boasts of pristine blue waters and powdery white sands fringed with a few pine trees and bounded on one end by lush green hills. Honestly, it is one of the cleanest and most Stunning beaches I've ever been to. There were no other tourist around when we visited this beach so we thoroughly enjoyed basking on its fine white sands and calm waters.

How to Get There: From Manila, take a Tuguegarao-bound bus. Travel time to Tuguegarao is about 12 hours. In Tuguegarao City, ride a van to Sta. Ana, Cagayan (about 3 hours). In Sta. Ana Port, take a tricycle ride to San Vicente Port and book your boat ride to Angui Beach through PASAMOBA Cooperative (P1,500 for 8 persons). Anguib Beach is also offered as part of island hopping package which includes other nearby destinations such as Palaui Island and Punta Verde, among others.

2. Sentinela Cove - Claveria, Cagayan

Another off-the-beaten gem in the far northern Cagayan Province is the hidden Sentinela Cove. Situated a few hundred meters from the highway of Barangay Cammalogan/D. Leano, this isolated beach simply stuns with its grayish white sands and beautiful rock formations constantly battered by the waves. You may climb the nearby Bantay Kalbo Hill to see the even more awesome overlooking view of the beach. Sentinela Cove is also home to the the legendary Ubing-Ubing. According to local folklore, this rock formation was once a boy turned into a rock along with his parents Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket due to their greediness.

How to Get There: Claveria is about 12-hour bus ride from Manila. From Claveria town proper, look for jeepney bound for next town Sanchez Mirra. Disembark at the Barangay Cammalogan/D. Leano welcome arch (about 10-15 minutes ride) and walk your way to the beach.

Visit this LINK to read more about Sentinela Cove.

3. Bulubadiangan Island - Concepcion, Iloilo

While Panay Island is best known for the world-class Boracay White Beach in Aklan, the north eastern towns of Iloilo Province takes pride of its serene island beaches for beach bummers who want to avoid the crowd. One of these beaches is Bulubadiangan Island in the town of Concepcion. Also known as Sandbar Island, it has a long and picturesque sandbar with shape that winds to a gorgeous curve. A lone private resort offers native cottages for accommodation while those who want to rough it out may pitch a tent on the fine cream-hued sands. Devoid of modern amenities and the party crowd, this island is ideal for sun-worshipers who seek tranquility and isolation.

Visit this LINK to know How to Get to Bulubadiangan Island.

4. Quinale Beach - Anda, Bohol

Largely overshadowed by the world-class resorts of Panglao, the eastern town of Anda, about 2 hours from Tagbilaran City, boasts of its long and beautiful Quinale Beach. A public beach just a few steps away from the town plaza, it has a long stretch of white sands so fine it could rival the White Beach of Boracay (in terms of fineness). Maintained by the Local Government Unit, I was generally impressed with its cleanliness considering that it is a public beach. No huts and cottages are built along the beach but there are Mantalisay trees which provide natural shade from the heat of the sun. For accommodation, there are a few resorts walking distance from the beach and consist mostly of native cottages and basic amenities. During afternoons, the LGU-owned Quinale Beach Bar sets up tables and chairs on the white sands for those who want to lounge and chill while watching the sun set on the opposite side of the island.  

Visit this LINK to know How to Get to Anda, Bohol.

5. Canibad Beach - IGACOS (Samal Island), Davao del Norte

Canibad Beach, situated in the far eastern side of Samal Island, is a backpackers favorite. It offers white sands, rolling waves and cliff diving. Compared to more-developed beach resorts in Samal, Canibad still has a raw feel with a few resorts offering only basic accommodations. Its distance from Babak Port also makes it less-visited by more tourists thus giving the beach a more serene ambiance.

How to Get There: From Sasa Wharf in Davao City, take a short ferry ride to Babak Ferry Terminal in samal Island. From Babak, negotiate for a habal-habal motorcycle to take you to Canibad Beach.

Visit this LINK to read our adventures Around Samal Island by Motorbike.


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