Monday, May 22, 2017

Cebu City: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Temple of Leah at Night

Temple of Leah is considered as Cebu City's version of the Taj Mahal. Teodorico Soriano Adarna have it purposely built as a symbol of his undying love and ceaseless devotion to his late wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna who died in the year 2010. Perched on the hills of Barangay Busay, just a few kilometers away from the city proper, this colossal edifice of Roman Architecture struck awe to those who visit it due to it imposing breadth and gigantic structures.

Temple of Leah is one of Cebu City's most popular tourist attractions. Tourists regularly flock here during daytime not only to check out the temple's grandeur and take memorable selfies but also to admire the overlooking view of Cebu City. Thus, the temple is often crowded with guests especially on weekends.

A recent work-related assignment in Cebu gave me the opportunity to visit the temple at night. After having our dinner at Lantaw-Busay Restaurant, we found out that Temple of Leah is only a few hundred meters away. So we walked our way to the temple and was pleased to discover that visitors are allowed to go inside even during nighttime.

Here are the three reasons why you should consider visiting Temple of Leah at night...

1. You can view the temple minus the crowd.

During nighttime you can check out Temple of Leah without other tourists which usually crowd the temple during the day. After paying the entrance fee at the guard, we entered the premises and had the temple all to ourselves as there was no other single soul in sight. Without the crowd, you can take unobstructed photos and appreciate the intricate structures and carvings more intimately.

2. Appreciate the temple in a different perspective.

The night lights lend the temple a warm glow and it will give you a different perspective from the usual daytime view. Bathed in lights, the temple is more romantic to look at, befitting its purpose as a tribute and symbol of undying love.

3. View the city lights and skyline at the temple's courtyard.

Busay is a highland barangay overlooking Cebu City proper. Visiting the temple at night will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful view of city lights and skyline. Plus the naturally cooler air in the evening is a welcome respite from the hot and humid temperature in the lowlands.

Temple of Leah
Roosevelt St., Brngy. Busay, Cebu City
Entrance Fee: Php50 per person
Parking Fee: Php100 inside the premises
Opens daily from 6 AM-11 PM
Facebook Page:

How to Get There: From downtown Cebu, you may take a taxi ride to the Temple of Leah. A cheaper option would be the habal-habal motorcycles parked at JY Square Mall in Lahug. Temple of Leah is 7-8 kilometers away from JY Square. Habal-habal fare is P75.00 per person.

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