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Cambodia: Sihanoukville

Cambodia is a tiny Asian country that is not as known for Western tourists as neighboring Vietnam or Thailand. Meanwhile, here you can also find beaches you see in the Bounty ad: with white sand and palm trees. The main resort town in Cambodia is Sihanoukville, which is already called the second Pattaya. In addition to daytime entertainment (you can, for example, go fishing in the local bay), there are many nightclubs. It's definitely worth traveling here if you want both exotics and high-quality service, and if you want to relax on the beach and do not mind to go on interesting excursions. If you’ve been dating a divorced Ukrainian woman for a while, you may want to travel with her to some unusual place. Sihanoukville is definitely that place.

The city was named in honor of King Sihanouk, who ruled during the years of his erection. The name comes from Sanskrit and translates as "the jaws of a lion." However, after the overthrow of the king, the name was changed to Kampongsaam. Unexpectedly for all, Sihanoukville flourished during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. Foreigners arrived during this period, they opened restaurants, diving centers, shops, etc. Over 5 years, a port appeared on the coast and the city began to grow gradually.

Reasons for visiting Sihanoukville

Untouched wild nature. Surprisingly, here you can find still virgin jungles, thick mangrove swamps, and stunningly clean beaches.
Luxury underwater world. In Cambodia, there is little fishing and there are practically no industrial enterprises, and therefore the underwater world is incredibly beautiful and rich in its coastal waters. In this regard, snorkeling, diving, and underwater hunting are developed here.
Good-natured local population. Khmers have suffered enough from civil wars and are now happy to enjoy a peaceful life. They treat tourists with cordiality and respect.
A gourmet paradise. Only here you can taste crabs, cooked according to an ancient national recipe. Also, such dishes as barracuda steaks, necessarily freshly caught, and rock lobsters on the grill are very popular in Cambodia.
Unique prices. Thanks to the liberal tax policy, most imported goods are much cheaper here than in their home country.

The tropical climate of Sihanoukville

A pronounced tropical climate allows you to relax in Sihanoukville almost all year round. The rainy season is on May-October but this has little effect on rest since tropical rains are rather fleeting. The hottest is the period from March to May.

You can lie on the coastal sand on the rapidly developing beaches of Victoria, Ochheuteal, and Serendipity as well as on the small but very nice beaches of Otres, Independence, and Hawaii.

The location of the city is very convenient, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok are just near it. In this regard, a beach holiday in Sihanoukville can be combined with exciting excursions. In the city, you can see the Wat-Leu temple and the Wat Krom temple as well as a monument to the golden lions.

Ream National Park

Undoubtedly, it is worth to visit Ream National Park, located in the neighborhood of Sihanoukville. You can find sacred Buddhist sites and beautiful waterfalls among the mangroves.

Uninhabited islands with stunning white beaches

In the Sihanoukville area, there are real uninhabited islands with stunning white beaches and turquoise water. You can quite easily organize a trip to the islands and impressions of this magnificence will remain for the rest of your life. The most visited are the islands of Koh Po, and also Koh Ta Kiev and Koh Kea, which are famous for their excellent diving.

Travel to Sihanoukville

On the Bamboo island, located near Sihanoukville, there is a number of bungalows decorated in a very nice tropical style. Their verandas overlook the coast, strewn with soft sand. The Bamboo Island is the ideal place for solitude, which, of course, will be very much enjoyed by the newlyweds. So, if your question, “how to find a ukrainian bride” is already answered because you married one, relax with your wife on this island.

The most difficult thing is to get to Sihanoukville because there are no direct flights. Therefore, first, you will have to fly to the airport in Siem Reap and go by taxi or bus directly to Sihanoukville itself. In this case, you will find the road to the most picturesque places.

Travel to Sihanoukville will give you a unique opportunity to see the real wildlife, visit the uninhabited islands, enjoy the gentle sand of the coastal beaches and, most importantly, preserve in memory the impressions, gotten from this trip for many long years.

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  1. I never been this excited to go to Cambodia until I found this post. Thank you Suroy Pilipinas for sharing your experience with us.


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