Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bukidnon: Breathtaking Atugan Canyon in Impasugong

The Municipality of Impasugong, landlocked in the northeastern part of Bukidnon Province, possesses a predominantly rugged terrain dotted with several mountains, ridges, canyons and gorges. Lately, outdoor enthusiasts are flocking to this quaint town giving its tourism industry a huge boost. On the frontline of Impasugong tourist spots are the ridges of Panimahawa and Kapayawan and the waterfalls in CEDAR, Balisbisan, Magobo and Tugisan. But for casual tourists who do not like to endure the long hike, the breathtaking view of Agusan Canyon is a worthwhile option.

Last weekend, LGU Impasugong held a half-marathon race as part of their Aldaw ta Impasugong celebration. I volunteered as a race photographer and stationed myself at the spot which offers an unobstructed breathtaking view of the canyons.

Here are some photos of Agusan Canyon which I took during the event...

I found out that this spot is called Lovers Lane. It is situated along the Old Sayre Highway, about 3 kilometers from the Poblacion Proper, just before descending down to the LGU-owned swimming pool.

Atugan River snakes in-between the verdant canyons and gorges. Hills, ridges and mountain ranges can also be seen at the distance.

I stayed here for about two hours and observed some groups of tourists dropping by to enjoy the view. A viewing deck could be built here but I prefer that this spot be left as it is, as putting up structures could hamper the view.

Panoramic shot of Atugan Canyon

I observed, however, that there are some trashes left behind in the area. I hope the LGU would exert effort in maintaining its cleanliness and constantly remind tourists and local residents alike to practice the "leave no trace"ethics.

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