Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tips on Your First Trip to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been one of the most visited regions in the world and it offers tons of interesting places that you can go from Thailand to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and many more. Southeast Asia countries offer stunning beaches, ancient temples, luscious green tropical jungles and exotic and unique food. With the upgraded air transportation system there are many airlines offering daily and weekly routes to the SEA region such as the worlds best low-cost airline AirAsia, Philippines Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. On top of that, there are many travel websites on the internet which offers fantastic travel deals online. For instance, Expedia is one of the ultimate choices among travellers to get their hands on flight ticket up to 40% off.

Travelling to other countries means that you have to plan things through and make sure that you have to stay safe and healthy while enjoying your trip. Lets see some of the best tips on how to plan, pack and enjoy your first trip to Southeast Asia. 

1.  Have a list of countries or cities that you want to visit and stick with it. We all know how tempting it can be to set foot on every country in your bucket list but sometimes you just cannot go to too many countries on a single trip. Slow down and dig into the culture of one country at a time and not exhaust yourself by hopping all over the place. Keep in mind that Southeast Asia is an enormous territory. Bali, Indonesia and Boracay Island, Philippines may both set in the same region but a typical flight between these two destinations may take up to 15 hours! Utilize your time wisely and choose countries or cities that are closer and accessible to each other.

2.  Pack light and bring what you only need. Ditch your big luggage or heavy roller suitcase and choose a backpack instead. If you need a new one you can shop for travel backpack from as low as P300 at Lazada. You do not have to bring too many clothes because you can always do laundry and get them washed. On top of that you shop for cheap extra clothes or toiletries at the street markets. 

3. Watch out for your health and before you travel to certain countries you have to be aware of some health issues. Getting rabies and tetanus shots are definitely a good idea before you travel to some Asian countries. If you have not gotten vaccinated you might want to visit the Philippines Department of Health website and check vaccine requirements and recommendations before you start your trip. Bring or buy mosquito repellent to keep dengue fever and malaria away too.

4. Get yourself travel insurance. Many of you might take this cynically but travelling to Southeast Asia could often include adventurous street food hunting, scuba diving, jungle trekking and lots more. You might fall or get infected with some infection or get hit by a car. If you equip yourself with a travel insurance you will be covered with the insurance policy that you take. Travel insurance doesnt not only about health-related problems but it can also cover other non health-related issues such as lost baggage, hotels and flights.

Now that you already know some useful info I hope you could arm yourself with these tips and have the best first trip to Southeast Asia! If you have any advice to share with other readers you can simply hit the comment button below. 

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