Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Anguib Beach: Wild Boat Ride to Paradise

Anguib Beach lies on the northernmost edge of mainland Luzon. It boasts of a long stretch of fine white sands, sparkling clear turquoise waters and serene ambiance still devoid of commercialization. Its remote location makes it somehow off-the-radar and is visited only by a few tourists all year round. Though located in the mainland of Santa Ana, Cagayan, direct access to the beach by land is not open to the public. Thus it is usually offered as part of the island hopping tours which can be availed from the boatmen association in San Vicente Port.

We were able to visit Anguib Beach as we availed the special tour package from PASAMOBA COOPERATIVE. The package includes visits to Cape Engaño and Punta Verde in Palaui Island, Anguib Beach and Crocodile Island.

After descending from Cape Engaño Lighthouse in Palaui Island, we sailed through the island's northern tip on board the small wooden motorized boat. While the waves were generally calm on our trip from San Vicente Port to Palaui  earlier that day, the boat ride to Punta Verde was an entirely different experience.

Palaui Island with partial view of Cape Engaño Lighthouse at the peak.
After passing by Dos Hermanos islets, the waves started to become bigger as this is where Babuyan Channel collides with the Pacific Ocean. The boat was literally battered by wild rolling waves coming from all directions. We hold on firmly to the small wooden vessell as it was skillfully steered by the boatmen. It was definitely scary and exciting at the same time, which made me recall my previous experience in Anawagin Cove in Zambales.

Dos Hermanos Islets
After about 45 minutes of wet and wild boat ride, we heaved a sigh of relief as we finally docked on the shores of Punta Verde situated at the eastern side of Palaui Island. It is small village inhabited by a few fishermen and their families. We stopped here to parttake our lunch pre-ordered earlier in San Vicente Port. The action-packed ride sure made us all hungry so feasted on the freshly grilled fish, pork and squid.

Punta Verde where we stopped over for lunch
After lunch it was another half-hour of boat ride on the rough seas. But the moment Anguib Beach came to sight, all anxieties were cast off by its breathtaking beauty.

Approaching Anguib Beach
As we stepped on the sands, it came to my mind that this is probably the the best beach I've ever been to (seriously!).

White sand paradise!
After paying the entrance fee of P100.00 per person, we have this long stretch of white sand paradise all to ourselves.

The water was surprisingly cool, soothing and relaxing to swim into.

There were no other tourists around, the long beach was all ours to enjoy that afternoon.

If you're looking for a place to stay in Anguib Beach, you may contact Anguib Beach Resort at 09178764141. They offer glamping tents and tour packages for your convenience.

With its scenic setting and relaxing ambiance, pitching a tent and camping under the stars would be the most ideal thing to do in this place.

As much as I would like to stay overnight, we have limited time as we need to go back to Tugegarao City later that afternoon. So after having our beach fill, we bid goodbye to the lovely Anguib Beach.

We decided to skip Crocodile Island as it is already getting late. But we were delighted as our boat sailed through a thick mangrove forest.

Overall, we had a great time in Santa Ana, Cagayan. I highly recommend availing PASAMOBA Cooperative's "special tour" package. For P3,500 (maximum of 8 persons), you get to visit Cape Engaño, Punta Verde, Anguib Beach and Crocodile Island within one day. FOr me, the higlights of this trip were the trek to Cape Engaño Lighthouse and beach bumming in Anguib Beach. The postcard-beauty of these places definitely made our long travel to Santa Ana all worth it!

For travel guide on how to get to Santa Ana, Cagayan ana avail the Palaui Island-Anguib Beach tour package, kindly read my previous post in this LINK.

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