Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Plan a Honeymoon Road Trip: 7 Tips for You

Nowadays it is not interesting to go on a honeymoon trip that is already planned by tour agencies. All that you need is the Internet, a car and the desire to see new places. A road trip is nice because you can stop at any time and breathe fresh air or visit interesting places which can’t be reached by public transport. You can change route every day and choose where to go further, taking into account the recommendations of local residents. You can wait out bad weather or just ride somewhere where it’s sunny. you can change your way under the new circumstances, choosing the best route. And what is more – you will do it with your loved second half.

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1. Take different products

It is better to take a lot of different food because you never know what you may want in an hour. But definitely don’t take strong-smelling and perishable products because a journey is long and you want to spend it with comfort. Special attention should be paid to the drinks. It is best to take several small bottles of still water and a few bottles of sweet drinks.

2. Use maps

Today it is much convenient to use electronic versions of maps that work without access to the Internet. You can download maps, choose a route, find different cafes, places to stay, and attractions. But if you’re used to a paper version, then take it. The main thing is that it must be convenient and understandable for you.

3.  Download music

A road will be long and you will spend a lot of time in a car. So try to choose music for every taste and mood, otherwise you risk listening to the local radio stations.

4. Remain positive

For example, don’t worry if you are stuck in traffic and don’t reproach yourself that your vacation starts very bad. You are going not on a business trip and afraid to miss the talks. You are going to rest and, in fact, your vacation has already begun. Enjoy this time regardless of the circumstances. You should look for positive moments in any difficult situation. For example, you can start taking photos, interesting signs, repair bridges, unusual names of cities, and more. These photos will not allow you to associate your journey with negativity. Most importantly, don’t try to arrive to your destination faster. It is much nicer to travel slowly, not worrying about how much time you need to get to a particular place.

5.  Learn the main traffic rules of the country you go

Travel rules for local roads differ greatly even within the EU. Learn the features of traffic rules of each country you are going to visit and don’t forget about possible travel expenses.

6. Find places to stay

Find a place where you can stay for night at each point of your route. And yes, don’t forget to take a tent and camp bedding, just in case. But don’t stay right next to a busy road. Another thing is to grab a blanket and a small pillow. Thus, you will be able to take a nap while your companion is driving.

7. Entertain yourself on the road

As soon as you leave a city and start driving on the highway, be prepared for the fact that the monotony of driving will lead to boredom and fatigue that can reduce your concentration. It is dangerous and can lead to a serious accident. So, try to have fun by any means. Listen to the radio, news programs, sports events or business news.

A honeymoon road trip can be fun, memorable and interesting. But also, this trip can become stressful for everyone if you approach this journey in the wrong way, not planning anything in advance. What do you need to do in order to turn a long trip by car into a great and exciting adventure? You just need to follow our advice and approach to planning trips wisely.

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