Monday, June 4, 2018

Bohol: Lagtangon Boardwalk in Maribojoc

Lagtangon Boardwalk is a mangrove forest situated about 2 kilometers from the town proper of Maribojoc, Bohol. We discovered this sanctuary during our recent family vacation in my mother's hometown. My wife and I went out for a morning run, heading towards the direction of next town Loon when we came across this natural attraction. Out of curiosity, we decided to drop by and check out what to see in Lagtangon Boardwalk.

About 2 kilometers northwest of Maribojoc town proper, we saw this signage along the highway which piqued our interest about this boardwalk.

From the highway, we made a left turn and descended along a narrow path which leads us to the main entrance of Lagtangon Boardwalk.  A family residing nearby collects the minimal entrance fee of Php10.00 for adults and Php5.00 for children. The boardwalk is open from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

The wooden boardwalk traverses through the mangrove forest and into the open sea. These mangroves are of ecological importance. It provides home to different marine organisms such as fish, shrimps, shells and crabs as well as some variety of birds and insects. Aside from this, the mangroves also protect the coastal communities from storm surges and help prevent erosion of the shoreline

Native huts are built purposely for picnic and sightseeing. Each cottage can be rented at Php150.00 per day.

Inside the cottage is a cooking/grilling area, for those who want to munch on freshly-cooked food while enjoying the sea breeze.

As the place is situated on the west side of Bohol island, it is a good spot to catch the sunset on late afternoons. Unfortunately, we came here on early morning so we did not have the chance to view the sun setting down on the horizon. 

How to Get There:

From Tagbilaran City, you may take a ride on a regular bus bound for Loon or Tubigon. Tell the conductor you will disembark at Barangay Lagtangon in Maribojoc. Distance from Tagbilaran City is approximately 15-16 kilometers. Look out for the Lagtangon Boardwalk signage along the highway. 

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  1. We wanted to visit bohol, but never did. I am determined now. I love your pictures, so vibrant and full of colour!



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