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Leyte: DIY Day Tour to Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is considered a tourism jewel in Eastern Visayas. This previously unknown spot located in Palompon, Leyte became popular after photos of its long sandbar went viral in social media. Aside from its picturesque sandbar, Kalanggaman also offers white sands, dive spots and clear turquoise waters.

My wife and I recently visited Kalanggaman Island through a DIY day tour. Here's our experience as well as  some of the things to expect when you visit this island paradise...

All tours to Kalanggaman Island, whether organized group tours or do-it-yourself style, are book through Palompon Eco-Tourism Office. Since the tourism office controls the number of groups who can visit Kalanggaman in a day, it is recommended to book your tour in advance. You may contact the tourism office at 09268164005.

Depending on the capacity, pump boat rates range from Php3,000 to P4,000.This can be divided by the number of persons on board the boat. Since it was only me and my wife, the tourism office assisted us in finding another group where we tagged along as joiners.

After paying the day tour fee of Php150.00 per person, we were then allowed to board our designated boat. A short briefing was held to orient us about Kalanggaman. One important thing to remember is to avoid swimming at the sandbar area during high tide. After the briefing, thrash bags were handed out for us to bring back our garbage to the mainland for proper disposal.

Travel time to Kalanggaman Island is about one hour. It was early morning and the sea was calm. Excitement were all over when the island finally came to our view. Its long sandbar, engulfed slowly by high tide, looked so lovely and inviting.

We were delighted upon finally setting foot on Kalanggaman Island. The island's beauty made our long travel definitely worth it.

Our boat docked on the east side of the island. After taking photos at the sandbar, we walked towards the center part shaded by coconut trees.

There are cottages available for rent with rates ranging from Php250 to Php700. Pitching tents is also allowed in the camping area. Other facilities in the island include a grilling area, toilets and wash rooms.

As all cottages were occupied , we opted to rent table and chairs and set it up along the shaded beach front. Our chosen spot was more breezy and gave us direct access to the beach.

We then roam around to discover more of the island. I observed that its white sands were not as fine as those in Boracay and Anda, Bohol.

As shown in the island map, swimming is strictly prohibited in the sandbar area during high tide.

On the west side of Kalanggaman Island is Jeter Resort. The resort owner rents this portion of the island from Palaompon LGU.

The resort has teepee rooms for overnight accommodations and also has a restaurant, a tree house and clean rest rooms. They also offer recreational facilities such as jet ski, banana boat, kayak and fat bikes. For rates and reservations, you may visit this LINK.

This side of Kalanggaman Island is not that crowded. As most tourists settle only up to the central part of the island, many do not even know that this beautiful side exists.

Day tour guests are only allowed to stay in the island up to 3 PM. In our case, since we have to go back to Ormoc City in the afternoon, we hitched with another group who departed shortly before noon.

Despite our half day stay, we still enjoyed our Kalanggaman Island sojourn. We love its long sandbar and white sand beach. Being away from the mainland, the waters are sparkling clean and clear. We do hope to go back someday and enjoy the more of the island by staying overnight.

Travel Guide:

1. From Ormoc City, there are buses and vans traveling to Palompon. We opted to ride the van as it is faster and more comfortable. Fare is Php110 and travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

2. Upon arriving in Palompon proper, ride a trike to the eco-tourism office to book your tour. Better yet, book your tour in advance by calling this number: 09268164005.

3. Since it was already late afternoon when we arrived in Palompon, we decided to visit Kalanggaman the next day. There are are a number of accommodations in Palompon town proper. We stayed at Cham's Inn (contact number: 09455403588) with room rate of P900 good for 2 persons.

4. There are a few stalls selling food and drinks in Kalanggaman Island. Expect higher prices compared to the mainland. It is recommended to buy your food and water at the mainland before sailing to Kalanggaman.

5. The island has no fresh water supply. The boat operator will provide 2 containers of water per group.

6. Help keep the island clean by bringing your garbage back to the mainland for proper disposal.

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