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了解谢里丹对响应 covid-19和我们的安全计划 对于有限的面对面活动在今年秋天。



Mike Baker



迈克尔贝克 is 教授 of Film Studies in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. He specializes in documentary film and video, music and the moving image, and film history. He holds a PhD in Communication Studies from McGill University, a MA in Cinema Studies from Concordia University, and BA in Film & Video from York University. Over the past several years, Prof. Baker has taught a wide range of film and media courses in schools across Canada including Carleton University and the University of British Columbia. He is author of numerous book chapters and journal articles on a range of subjects including documentary, popular music and film, and new media. Baker is co-editor, with Tom Waugh and Ezra Winton, of "Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the National Film Board of Canada" (McGill-Queen’s, 2010) and sits on the editorial board of the 电影研究的加拿大杂志。他目前正在完成根据他的论文一本书的手稿,“rockumentary:流行音乐纪录片的一个不完整的历史。”