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了解谢里丹对响应 covid-19和我们的安全计划 对于有限的面对面活动在今年秋天。



Photo of 加里·巴温



教师,工作人员,以及学生 Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing (CW&P) program at Sheridan College are excited to welcome poet, novelist, composer, 和 creative force of nature 加里·巴温 as the 2020-2021 CW&P Writer-in-住宅.

的小说和诗歌的超过25本图书的作者,barwin持有作曲博士学位,仍然是一个多产的导师和合作者与艺术家的风格和领域的众多。他的畅销小说 意第绪语海盗 赢得了幽默和加拿大犹太文学奖的李科克金牌,并入围两个吉勒和总督的奖在2016年他最近的作品包括 它是一种乐趣和惊喜呼吸:新诗选 (Wolsak & Wynn), Ampers&thropocene (penteract按) 对于孔墓地 (与汤姆总理,戈登·希尔出版社),以及他的最新小说, 没事一样,一切都萦绕着:motl的民谣牛仔, 在2021从兰登书屋即将到来。

In welcoming him to the post, CW&P’s Associate Dean Genevieve Amaral highlights Barwin’s creative and formal dexterity, calling him “a multi-talented artist who’s committed to bringing writing to all kinds of communities and contexts, a value we share in CW&P. Furthermore, his interest in innovating with hybrid forms – crossing media, genres, writing and publishing – also resonates deeply with our program’s emblematic “&.” Sheridan’s degree is the only one in Canada to fuse creative writing 和 publishing. “We’re delighted he’ll be joining us this year,” she says.

barwin会花他的时间在谢里登完成个人的写作计划,参观和促进写作和出版类,领先的虚拟公众研讨会,并提供 创造性的领导,指导和公众宣传并代表计划和学校的。 

“It’s an honour to welcome such a distinguished, multifaceted talent to the CW&P program,” says Sean McNabney, Dean of Sheridan’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. “加里·巴温 will be integral to the enhancement of our students’ learning, the program 和 the college at large. We look forward to seeing the impact his mentorship will have on our cohort of burgeoning writers.” 

The CW&P Writer-in-住宅 program supports an annual non-teaching, community- and culture-building fixed-term position designed to complement existing CW&P programming 和 curriculum.

图为右上: 加里·巴温